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China: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is in Beijing for talks with Xi Jinping

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  1. Terence Gurung says:


  2. Leemsy lazy says:

    Well done Kim. Visit Russia next. Never visit the USA and the West

  3. Phead128 says:

    Where are those idiots saying China is marginalized or sidelined?

  4. Long Ly says:

    We Asian never trust a white man we remember they kill our culture they kill over 23 million the war Japanese Korea Vietnam

  5. Siegfried Dangeleit says:

    DAS ist der Grund fΓΌr Reaktion der USA.
    ANUT Pi

  6. Armed Liberation Xecutive says:

    Β©β„’ ALX βš– Observations ✍

    Xi Jinping wants US troops and THAAD missle systems out of South Korea and Kim owes China.
    Watch the US North and South Korean talks about denuclearizing the peninsula.
    See if the troops and THAAD missle systems aren't out of South Korea within 18 months

  7. typhooonn says:

    wow Katrina Yu (the correspondent) is so beautiful.

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