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Chicago Police Kill Suspect Reaching For Gun

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  1. PoliceNetwork says:

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  2. Frank Carey says:

    Thank that animal was shot and killed. Well done CPD!

  3. Frank Carey says:

    Thank God that animal was killed. Well done CPD!

  4. Mike Cunt says:

    He dindu nuffin'

  5. Pete Chutastic says:

    Awesome Shots 。。。Good Job 。。。

    All Police Units should ride with those Liberalcrats from the society , so they can use Verbal Judo to talk to the gunman with their love , in order to prevent any Trigger Happy shooting by the Officer 。。。

  6. squidly1117 says:

    This is what those idiots are protesting over?

  7. Tyrone Smith says:

    Didnt want to take the gun charge. Justified shooting. He ran from the police while armed and reaching. End of story.

  8. camilo acevedo says:

    Some guy in a red shirt goes on ABC7 NEWS in Chicago and lies about what really happened…….When are the police going to start putting these people in jail who give false witness to these shootings that causes riots damages injuries and the ripping apart of our country …….(like: hands up don't shoot)

  9. Lukasz5424 says:

    Ya'll black lives matter motherfuckers should go and try to taze a charging bear. See what good it will bring ya.

  10. AboutMy FathersBusiness says:

    They are protesting this??? Idiots! Citizens of Chicago have lost their minds!

  11. Raabert Ellis says:

    He was pulling out his ID. Should’ve tasered him in the knee smh.

  12. Marco Huevo says:

    Yay, another smokefoot bites the dust.

  13. Team Ski says:

    And a riot ensues….. The BLM translation? "This fine gentile was simply going to the store for milk and was accosteded by racisist police for simply being a black. He dindu nuffin."

  14. Mexico Will Pay For the Wall says:

    he was good boi

  15. Pierre Alie says:

    That police car hood right there looked so good for him to put his hands on and surrender. What do criminals expect? 4 cops and a cop car pulls over, and his brilliant reaction is to reach for a gun. Dumb fuck.

  16. about:blank says:


  17. DAVID P says:

    Can you imagine living in a city where this shooting is protested. What a wasteland

  18. Slap DaShitOutChu says:

    Blacks are obsessed with becoming a suicide by cop martyr….. Ive never seen a race of people so obsessed with doing everything they can to literally get shot by the police…. That dude literally tried to do everything he could to get the police to kill him….. Fuck these anti police. Faux victimhood asswipes! 😱 😱 😷 😷 💨

  19. Crimson Vulpes says:

    Bun guns are illegal in Chicago :V

  20. AMD Guru says:

    This idiot actually pulls away and then goes for his gun? WTF! Of course the STUPID liberals will now paint this as police officers killing another innocent black man. Liberals are so fucking stupid. When will they actually take responsibility for the actions of blacks instead hold them accountable? THEY NEVER WILL!

  21. Joshua Cruz says:

    Great work by the police, as usual.

  22. pa226pable says:

    Good job Officers! You won the fight!

  23. Incognito FLA says:

    Bro … three or four cops? GOOD RIDDENCE. Chicago is safer with one less thug running his mouth on the corner.

  24. Charles Nickerson says:

    First he was a convicted Felon on Parole Second he was illegally carrying a deadly weapon Third he reached for the weapon. They had every right to shoot him.

  25. patt w says:

    He try to pull his pant up. Dude

  26. Fred Jones says:

    HO Boy if their wasnt no video these low IQ ignorant welfare leeches would riot. Even with video proof they will riot. Rat going for his gun to execute police. Im sure the black pavement ape was a goot boyzes and went to church and paid his fare share of taxes, with a spotless rap sheet. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  27. 408fu says:

    He deserved to get shot period. Was was reaching for a gun while fighting with police the only thing the cops did wrong was stop shooting.

  28. Rabbi Shekelstein says:

    Omg he was disarming himself that's why there's no sound he was just saying "I'll put the gun on the ground just let me pull it out real quick"

  29. J B says:

    Good shooting. Another POS off the streets. Glad our officers are A-ok/Good!

  30. Alexander R. says:

    – nigger lul

  31. Walter Enomoto says:

    Can anyone confirm if the suspect had a thumb break retention holster? At the 0:15 and 0:16 point, it looks like it is and this may be why he was late on the draw(?) and this gave officers the advantage..that and they probably drew their guns after the suspect tried to break free from them.

  32. Localos Salos says:

    Cops dindu nuffin

  33. Laura Sanchez says:

    Why is his face blurred when his full name is in the description?

  34. Battle Barbie10 says:

    Innocent people comply with an officer’s commands and don’t try to run away!

  35. Leonidas says:

    You can clearly see the gun, but people that are ignorant will always riot, bc they fail to understand common sense and evidence.

  36. Only In Illinois says:

    It will never get better for blacks in Chicago. Why ? The black alderman like it that way. Prevents gentrification. Whites and other races don't want to move to neighborhoods with people getting shot.

  37. joseph Smith says:

    Good police work.

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