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CCTV images show Sergei Skripal in his local shop

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  1. nacon HD nacon HD says:


  2. 26fb384 says:

    That milk looked dodgy

  3. Sterling20073 says:

    Looks like he spent more time in there than i like to in my local corner shop

  4. Gladamgone says:

    The reasons for the West's anti-Russia hysteria have everything to do with the fact that, over the past 10-15 years, Russia has re-emerged as a powerful independent player on the world stage, capable of pushing back long-standing Anglo-American designs on global control. Exceptional nations with a serious megalomaniacal streak (and their lackeys) don't like being pushed back, not even an inch. When they don't get their way, and lack the cojones to engage in a fair fight, they resort to dirty tricks and smear campaigns, at which they are very adept. Without a hint of irony, Salisbury MP John Glen told the BBC today: "Fortunately just down the road in my constituency at Porton Down defence, science and technology labs exist and they will have taken the substance and will be trying to evaluate what they can, no doubt." Indeed, Porton Down is about 5 miles from the bench where Skripal and his daughter were found. Very fortunate indeed, and more than a little coincidental.

    The name of the research facility at Porton Down has undergone many changes over the years, although the words "chemical" and "defence" have been consistently used, giving the impression that… well… that it is used only for research into "defence" against "chemical" weapons. In 1991, however, the UK "Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research" moved to the Porton Down facility and its name was changed to the "Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment", reflecting the addition of biological warfare agent research to the list of "services" that Porton Down offered.

  5. Baron Von Trenk says:

    If anyone believes the series of events they need to go back to pre-school.
    1) Russia banned from 2 Olympics (because of doping – based on the words of one man)
    2) Russia sanctioned by the West for the Ukrainian Crisis (Even though Crimea voted to join Russia)
    3) Russia even banned from 2017 Eurovision (because the wheelchair bound singer entered Crimea "illegally")
    4) NATO constantly doing drills and building up arms on the Baltic Russian borders because of Russian "Aggression"
    5) Oscars awards best documentary to "Icarus" (all about unproven "Russian doping")
    6) UK pushing to boycott the World Cup because of unproven poisoning. THey have been trying to find a way to disrupt this ever since FIFA awarded it (With the FBI investigation that found nothing)
    …..and don't get me started on Madonna and Pussy Riot (2012).

  6. Aerobie Pro Dog says:

    I think the nerve agent was hiding inside a kinder egg 🤭🕵🏽‍♂️🤫

  7. The Great Luxor says:

    I love how sheople Russian lovers are being played. Unfortunately their stupidity is gonna cost us. Wake sheople. Secret Societies are playing you. Russia represents NWO Order along with China. Secret Societies are setting you up to advocate for realization of the NWO, which will be the most tyrannical World Order yet. In fact mankind will regress. Only way common man succeeds is if the people of United States confiscate wealth of International bankers and implement Constitution on a world wide scale.

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