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CC Sky 7 ABC Live Sonoma Napa County Fires North Bay CA Santa Rosa10/9/2017 Earthquake in S.

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  1. Itz Ash MSP says:

    I live in fairfield OMG IM CRYING

  2. Patrick DeCambra says:

    How's consolidating your fire departments working out for you now you see what happens but you give more money to the police and you take it from the fire departments good job politicians you burned your city down

  3. Mr Sasquatch says:

    Let's see Brown ban fire from burning land see if that works

  4. alex51508 says:

    This fire was a set up…… they are letting this thing burn out of control

  5. Zero EXE says:

    as of right now it doesn't matter what caused the fire or why it started, right now al we need it volunteers, supplies, and support from anyone that can help

  6. Stephanie ByGoytia says:

    It's still crazy to think that I was working across from the fire. Prays to those who lose someone or lose their home.

  7. q a says:

    توبوا إلى الله ??

  8. Shakura says:

    I bet the insurance companies wish there were more fire trucks. Heart-breaking!

  9. Shakura says:

    Does anyone know why the fire hydrants don't work?
    And why can't the gas be turned off?

  10. Grant Kates says:

    I live in UT and my mothers home is in Santa Rosa. Thank you for live streaming this

  11. EurekaRecycler says:

    Aluminum, sulfur, strontium used by geo engineers will do it . . Chem-trail dust is flammable and they dont what you to know about weather manipulation

  12. Puglover1508 says:

    My Full Family Was Evacuated It hasn't hit our house yet lets just pray they get it under control

  13. Purzjeana Farrell says:

    this is crazy why are they just letting everything burn these are not wild fires

  14. TheIxtlan says:

    It's like in the biblical prophecies of End Times. It's like Apocalpse.

  15. Yara Mery says:

    THKU for uploading this! i lived in SR cotati sebastopol n petaluma from 1966 thru 88. i watched every fruit orchard replaced with ''wine industry grapevines'' while they stole water n pumped the geysers, county approved over population n drawing 1000s migrant workers. all WINERY BARRELS EXPLODED caused extreme swiftness of death n devestation. the ''perfect storm'' with the drought n hurricane winds. sonoma co supervisors are irresponsible n have been told year after year to stop building not enuf services to maintain safety. .its obvious that this kind of desdtruction is not an ''ordinary'' forest fire FUELED BY EXPLSIONS. realize that smoke is toxic from not just plastic n trees but especially FLAME RETARDENT. pprotect ur lungs at all costs.

  16. Anthony Soltero says:

    Global warming is rising

  17. Channel says:

    this wasn't set up that's just retarded. its called California wildfires we deal with this every year. its been windy that's all it takes to make these fires rage. Stay safe norcal

  18. Janette B says:

    Was that Marge Simpson?

  19. Nguyen says:

    We can hear people talking in the background

  20. jamesb101100 says:

    I was interviewed at 5:00AM on Monday morning, where can I find it?

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