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Canada to slap new tariffs on US products

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  1. David Barrington says:


  2. Uchiha Obito says:

    trump is american gorbachev who sold his ass for american gum

  3. Raymond Wildeman says:

    The fuck is this shit? Why are these two so sensible and actually reporting on facts? I thought this was Fox? The fuck is going on right now?

  4. Laura Locke says:

    Americans are so arrogant. Always thinking your so much more evolved. We Canadians have always been by your side. We are as a Nation proud and strong. Your country is now led by an idiot. If Mr. Trump thinks Canadians will kiss his fat ass your nuts. Period. Sad miscalculation.

  5. abbey anderson says:

    When Trump imposes auto tariiff on canada its all over for Trudeau. Ontario has 5 US plants in ONE area. US builds same autos in 9 states. Canada exports > 2.1 million autos to the USA. The job losses in Canada will stagger the area, resteraunts, stores will close and ppl wont be able to pay their rent/ mortgages. The auto co. will build the cars in USA, where they sell them. Maple Syrup hahahaha

  6. DoinThupidThings says:

    Lets tighten the noose around these scoundrels to the South. Watch them starve, watch them bleed, wait till they turn on each other and LAUGH WITH GLEE

  7. Bill Haigney says:

    For this to be effective, Canada should make it Clear that the US is illegally trying to re-open settled agreements. China and the EU are going before the WTO with the same claims

  8. mco says:

    Crybabies Republicans

  9. DIOSpeedDemon says:

    This trade war can be completely avoided , IF , Canada takes back Justin Bieber off American soil and DOES NOT let him sing any more….

  10. ThePinchanze says:

    How many American jobs went to Canada and Mexico under NAFTA! Cry me a river Ambassador! Screw you!

  11. Dan Ray says:

    bankruptcies ? Donnie is good at that…maybe he can hook them up with the Russian mob.

  12. david McKissick says:

    this guy sounds like an Obama toady. never stood up for the USA. apparently all Canadiens are saints

  13. Nguroa says:

    20% of Canadians DON'T appose the Trump tariffs?

  14. A Lau says:


  15. Chili Sauce says:

    Oh please. America is like Chris Brown and Canada is just our side chick. Even if we beat her, they'll come running back cause they know who their sugar daddy is. Canada would be 3rd world without us and they know it.

  16. Judgy Judgerton says:

    I love my country. We have every climate, hundreds of sub cultures, and still a good amount of natural resources. At 260+ we are forming traditions that can start competing with those of ancient civilizations. We HAVE been a world leader in many many areas.
    However, if we…any number of us…with any figurehead…and any administration…in any era…continue acting like WE own the table we want people to sit at….we will fail.
    England post Victorian.
    Rome post Caesar.
    Eden post Adam and Eve.

    You cannot sit on a mountain top and be glorified TOO long…and especially when you DEMAND it. People will stop coming to said mountain no matter how much they have to gain.

    Arrogance corrupts greatness, it does not create it.

  17. njam101 says:

    Canada always makes more sense and has better morals.

  18. JL says:

    When is this Trumpmare going to end?

  19. susancdwpg says:

    Trump's nature is to be a big belligerent bully. When he threatens tariffs then imposes them he ( like all bullies) doesn't expect the person he is attempting to bully to retaliate.

  20. Arthur Paliden says:

    US dairy farmers are allotted a portion of the Canadian dairy market. Anything they send to Canada above the quota has a penalty tariff applied. The US dairy farmers just want to abuse the system without penalty just because they are big.

    By the way the US has a 350% import tariff on tobacco.

  21. TheTruthQuest123 says:

    They are not slapping shit..

    Every single thing in America should be made in America

    Fuck Canada and everyone else

    Also fuck anyone who disagrees.. and if you do, and live in Usa, you are a traitor to this country and should be deported

  22. Ernest Bruce says:

    good for Canada
    – if a bully hits you for no reason, you hit back
    – hit back the bully

  23. Ernest Bruce says:

    im with Canada on this one
    – i hope it wins this war that an ignorant, stupid bully started

  24. Mike Mondano says:

    Canada will do what it needs to do. They will not disgrace the Queen of Canada. They will survive and well. They won't be intimidated by the "Northern Mexicans" as they sometimes call the people of the US.

  25. Winstonclawfinger says:

    Canada just needs to shut off the oil for a week. Yanks system would shut down.

  26. Adelina's Jade says:

    Oh for God sakes just fix the lumber cost! This is completely moronic! Who the hell would pay twice the price for lumber? That’s what I’m hearing and I WAS getting ready to build in about 2 months. Thanks a ton!

  27. Mike says:

    Funny how the Fox Business Network isn't a bonkers propaganda machine.

    And funny how Trump didn't think that Canada would take careful aim at border states that voted for Trump.

  28. Tobi the Tabby says:

    All the Trumpsters in the comments with their economic illiteracy and whataboutism. XD

  29. Winstonclawfinger says:

    I think canada should adopt Puerto Rico. America treats them like shit. We would love to have them in our Canadian family. Plus it is fucking nice there, and I like Spanish more than French.

  30. softminimal1 says:

    Go hard Canada, make those Trump cucks feel the pain, put those inbreds out of business.
    Fucking Trump trash!

  31. bellyqueennorth says:

    Dairy products imported into canada are actually duty free. Its only if you go over quota that the duty is applied. Its to prevent the market from being flooded. As well the usa subsidezes dairy. Canada does not.

  32. Smoky Bear says:

    Boycott all usa products and dont travel there. Not safe anyway. How do you like Trump now. Rude, insecure, bully…….. kma

  33. Stephen Mitchell says:

    Canada gets what it deserves for having a fag groping looser in power!

  34. Macnutz420 says:

    You started something that is going to destroy YOUR economy, America. You started an economic war with your allies. The one and only country benefiting from the actions of your treasonous president, are the damned Russians.
    Many of us are very glad to see so many industries in Trump voting territory, paying a huge price for their refusal to actually think.

    China does not need your soy beans, Canada and Brazil grow lots of soy beans. The lobster business in Maine was noted for being strong Trump territory. This is going to cost them big. How many Trump supporting lobster men will lose their boats, now that they have lost their single biggest customer, China. Scotland and Norway can use the business, thanks.

    People in Canada and Europe are compiling lists of American products that we will no longer purchase.
    You have attacked the world and many of you are arrogant and foolish enough to believe, you should not be hit back. That is the epitome of hubris, something America is drowning in.

    Many of your trading partners will have found new sources and will not be buying as much from America, even when this insanity ends. Some of his supporters in Orange County will lose in very big ways, and may never regain the market for soy beans and other agricultural products from California.
    Canadians are starting to look to Mexico and South America instead of California and Florida, for winter fruits and veggies.

    Nothing in this world is free. There is always a price for your actions. Way too many Americans know nothing of how the world actually operates. Your president is one of those Americans. Ignorant as a mule, and proud of it. Enjoy the price of what you have done. Contrary to the absurd claims of the orange buffoon, trade wars are not easy to win. If Americans were not so ignorant of history, you would know that trade wars have often been the first step to military conflicts.
    Those who still support this evil president, richly deserve what is coming. Let us know when you get tired of winning.

  35. PAVANZYL says:

    Canadian duties on US dairy was imposed to "level the playing field" after US subsidies to the US dairy industry. But Canada has tariffs… Trump logic. It's going to cost you.

  36. Ray Bees says:

    Stop the Tariffs. Its bad for everyone. Just look at Brexit. Its an expensive game that messes up everyones lives.

  37. bala jay says:

    Remember the time a Harvard University survey showed that majority of students considered the US as the greatest threat to world peace…?

  38. Wesley Blood says:

    We imports more products from USA then USA brings Canadian products into USA. why should we be hit with a tariff? We only been friends for 150 plus years. Why u Americans loving this?

  39. David Dutka says:

    Good. I hope Canada hits us hard. Next, Russia. And if they can't land the k.o., let it please be China. This abomination, I mean, Administration, needs a wakeup call, and instead of their penny-ante gaming, maybe they'll FINALLY get something accomplished.

  40. FluxX Domino says:

    Why isn't potus arrested for treasonous acts? I don't get it. You impeached Clinton for a damn blowjob but this quack siding with Russians? Really you choose Russians and north koreans over Canadians?

    Yiu know in the last 100 years Canada has American back in every conflict even tho we publicly didn't admit sending reg forces too Vietnam or Iraq war had out top secret jtf2 unit fighting next to your seals and delta force.

    America needs to be careful eventually the candian gov will finally smarten up and stop depend on America for trade and then all America will have is russia and North Korea good luck with that

  41. Willy Wacker says:

    It's quiet simple
    the canadians are going to learn there are others in the world they can trade with
    and you can't unlearn something

  42. Braiden Cooper says:

    by the end of his term he will get half the world hating the US cause he's so dumb

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