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California Supreme Court Blocks Proposal to Split State Into Three Parts

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  1. zzzvampire says:

    Government be like
    lets test this 3 smaller states out

  2. Jack Wagon says:

    Mega dittos amigo. Let's leave OR out of it. The Siskiyou's are there for a reason. Let's keep the discussion going.

  3. Della Phillips says:

    I think we should go with the first idea and let them be their own country. Then build the wall….of course….there could be the big earthquake…and all this is irrelevant.

  4. RkicF8 says:

    Because a single state can stop other states from not wanting to pay their retarded bill.

  5. unchainedmelody67 says:

    This was always a hair-brained idea that was going nowhere. Once the corruption is removed (and it's coming), California will improve pretty quickly.

  6. CyndiLu Stone says:

    bummer…looks like Patriots will have to activate their super powers to drive out the traitors

  7. Subliminal Origami says:

    How would that function with the Electoral College?

  8. fordsrule35 says:

    Once again subverting Americans that live in California and their will. What a load of shit.

    Article 4 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. All states shall be guaranteed a REPUBLICAN form of Government.

  9. 0311 grunt says:

    Hate to say it but let em split. Being divided the state will fall quicker.

  10. Tube Tuber says:

    Now California will SINK. Leave now.

  11. Tube Tuber says:


  12. Tube Tuber says:

    In March of 2017, I received an angelic visitation, and the message given to me was the following: "SOON! China will invade California and the Western United States. Many Americans shall perish. But do not fret, a safe haven has been prepared for you in—————————–KENTUCKY!

  13. Kaatcya Na says:

    The thumbnail of California looks like a big head fellow with open angry mouth, dark blue fisted arm and lighter blue body – California Blue Banana Republic ragingly insane! – #JESUS

  14. Affected Area says:

    How about arresting California's establishment for treason and sedition rather then allowing their insane, subversive politics to break up the state?

  15. Lisa Lichtenstein says:

    Ballot measure is "too sweaping to be put before the people". This is code for, they will pass it without a public vote.

  16. whatyouknowbout272 says:

    Divide divide divide. There’s 50 states people go divide somethin else.

  17. bandrukesucks says:

    We're not here because we're free, we're here because we're not free. There's no escaping reason. No denying purpose. Because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist. We're here to take from you what you tried to take from us; purpose. -California

  18. KATHLEEN TRACY says:


  19. Brook Savage says:

    The NorCal is still conservatives and farmers of good crops and family values,completely different from what is going on in Cal. I hope this situation can be looked at and taken seriously for a more conservative Nor Cal and this region.

  20. hong lee says:

    the real reason is not for better Californians its so they can change the electoral college and the west coast can decide a presidential election

  21. David Turner says:

    That's good.

  22. marsack7 says:

    With this plan there would have been 3 progressive states instead of 1. 6 senators and more congressmen like Feinstein and Pelosi. There is another proposal in the works and that is 2 states. One with all the cities (liberal) called .CA, and the other state called New .CA consisting of conservative country type counties making a very conservative state. This has a great chance of happening. Much like West Virginia broke off from Virginia a long time ago. I am praying for this to happen as I am conservative and live in the country.

  23. Brenda Smith says:

    Hmmm🤔 Reeaalllyyy next it will be split Texas into 5 states Bahahaha. pure nonsense they need to redirect their focus into making Cali more center and lower their taxes and All the crazy "FEES" THAT BURDEN that State.

  24. Gloria Allmomd says:

    My personal opinion is that I wish they would SECEDE from America. The libs have turned that beautiful state into one that NO ONE WANTD TO VISIT. LET ALONE LIVE!! San Francisco is the perfect example; it has fallen and it's a shame. It USED TO BE a beautiful city.

  25. Crystal Corey says:

    Good its a stupid idea. Vote Red (Republican) to make California great again.

  26. Larry W says:

    Its not up to State supreme court. Its up to the people of the state/counties of California!

  27. rexflexall30044 says:

    "Too sweeping to be brought directly to the people" kinda says it all huh…..

  28. Norman Anderson says:

    Just Split the Motherfucker off the Continent…. then sink the motherfuckers.. their backs are mostly wet already… lolllll………..

  29. Thomas Schepis says:

    Have lived in California 31 years I can’t say much good about this crap hole state. There are good hard working Conservatives here but they have no voice here.

  30. Kenny Rogers says:

    I was born in California and I am against the splitting of California

  31. Cole Dwyer says:

    The California Supreme Court, as most government agencies, declared  that the people of the State of California are just to stupid to understand what was good for them.  This also tells me that there was better than average chance it would have passed.  The more than fed up California voters with their elected representatives that have no ears and courts that routinely overturn the will of the people.  Pass an initiative and it's overturned by socialist/liberal courts.Obviously this was an attempt to free many from their Iron Grip of unwanted socialism was to be quashed before it had a chance to breath.

  32. S D says:


  33. Bruce Villa says:

    A stupid idea deserves to be blocked.

  34. john osborn says:

    A billionaire playing games courtesy of Citizens United.This could have led to ALL of California disenfranchised; the new "states" would have to be readmitted by Congress–think REPUBLICANS would do that? Without California the Democrats could NEVER win a Presidential election EVER again. The Republicans would say California canceled its statehood and it would become a territory under direct rule of WASHINGTON with governor appointed BY TRUMP. And what would happen then  to Medical that  many people depend on?

  35. Kathryn Boyle says:

    Democrats are fighting it

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