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CAL FIRE, Sonoma County officials update wildfire situation. | Saturday, 14 October 2017

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  1. Charles Davis says:

    WOMANHOOD WOMB'S: Weaponized Weather Warfare!!= The Awesome Forces Of Mother Earth's Divine Nature & Her Humanity Habitation. She's submissively serving, Sovereign SOLARSUN SAVIOR, GODDEITY. ATUM-ATOM-AMEN-RA!!!http://mother-earth-nature.blogspot.com/
    "Chemtrails" Cahoots-Colluding Conspirators: Casting constant conspiracy charges, can/could change climatic conditions, causing catastrophic calamities. Conscious confusions – conscientious chaos, combustible civic conflicts, citywide – countywide – countrywide, crisscross continentals. Co-creating cellular cancer causing chemicals, corrosion, cosmic circuitry charged changes, concurrent chemistry.

    Common Cause Case Cremations: Comprising criminally corrupt collective citizenry, compelling circumstances-climate conditions. Consummately challenging Christians color coded curses, contaminating contagions +. Courageously counter-combating crimes, consuming cosmopolitan cities!!! ("GeoEngineering" or 'madman-made microwaves?!')

    In other plain-o-simple words: If in fact founded, sinister scientists, bio-chemists, and occult-occurring others, are actually activating atomic and atmospheric actives, then they intend to keep on doing so. The firemen can can control certain communities and have a few successful battles. Butt best better beware!

    Eco-Energystics-1 x Esoteric Extraterrestrials = Electromagnetic Energy Entities: = executing existences exponentially everywhere-everyplace. Plus+purposely perfectly plan to win these warfare wizardry wicked witchcraft works with wildfires. And not permit-let or allow any firefighters win; the weather war waged with wealthy Womanhood's Womb, witty wisdom! http://mother-earth-nature.blogspot.com/ + http://extraterrestrials.snack.ws/

  2. connie Kruse says:

    Always show the interpreter! … not everyone can hear.

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