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Busted: Trump’s Russia Lawyer Caught Sneaking Into DOJ Meeting | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. 17seventySIX says:

    MSNBC is paid for in part or in whole by the CIA..

  2. Tarmo T says:

    Fake news

  3. lawrence fure says:

    The whole tRump administration should be led out of the Whitehouse in hand cuffs right to the nearest prison. Better yet, they should be put on a ship, then sink the ship in the deepest part of the ocean.

  4. CapFrey07 says:

    TRIPE REPORTING by MSNBC. We have enough problems with the BS from this Administration, but its obvious again that headlines are more important than TRUTH in reporting. As usual, MSNBC bending the truth but also discrediting and feeding misinformation to those on the "left" that have legitimate arguments against corruption and want a viable and just government. It was well known before this report that the Russia lawyer did not attend the closed/classified meetings. The question of whether he should have been there at all is another story, but this report does nothing to address the FACTS of the event so there is NO real discussion or awareness by the public to know is actually going on. Shame. When the next market crashes or the next election is bought, we will know who the true co-conspirators are the sold-out media on the left and right.

  5. The Design Tap says:

    POTUS not only can just flat out fire Mueller. and he can have anyone he wants to be at any meeting he wants to…get your facts straight

  6. huh wut says:

    Voted for trump thumps up

  7. Phil H says:

    This is not normal, it's all false news

  8. Phil H says:

    I typed that it about 10 minutes ago.

  9. Angel Pacheco says:


  10. Charles Amaral says:

    Trump is a Russian Plant.

  11. EyE NiiDLES says:

    This is so tense. Im on the edge of my seat! Hopefully this is it what everyone's been waiting a year n 5 months! Lock them up!

  12. EyE NiiDLES says:

    This is so tense. Im on the edge of my seat! Hopefully this is it what everyone's been waiting a year n 5 months! Lock them up!

  13. guapoxti says:

    Impeach the liar now!

  14. Dave The Mace says:

    LOL…. LOL… Liars Out Loud…

  15. Dave The Mace says:

    BOL… BOL… News Bray Out Loud…

  16. hoytoy100 says:

    It is clear that spanky is a Russian agent. Who else would want to weaken US institutions, weaken alliances, and neuter the US government?

  17. Barry Stamour says:

    Something I do not understand is The probe is not into Trump it is into Russia, Muller has said Trump is not a target. How long is the media going to keep lying to us? They have been talking about Trump being under investigation for 2 years, but every time Muller or the FBI or CIA come out they say they are not investigating Trump and have no evidence he did anything wrong.

  18. Renel Victor says:

    When you keep lying everyday,your fall will be deeper

  19. Ray Stiavetti says:

    These talking heads are all lying propagandists are your all clueless.

  20. Zepol Yar says:

    Indict, don't indict, it's all academic. We all know that the only way Trump will do time is if he screws over the wrong rich people. Other than that he will walk out of the White House with the title of president on his resume.

  21. George Jungle says:

    Keep on lying MSM, we have plenty of room on the Trump Train for all the democrats jumping the sinking DNC ship! HAHA! MAGA!

  22. VideoAudioDisco09 says:

    Trump is another Nixon and the front man of a cartel of crooks going all the way to Russia.

  23. Star Rasul says:

    Anyone that watches mainstream news and believe the lies they hear daily cannot handle the truth. MSNBC makes you feel good about your hate for our President. You have hardened your heart and like an addict, you keep coming back for more lies to feed your hate. Just Say No! And be happy.

  24. Edward Hart says:

    All this proves is how partizan MSNBC is.

  25. nicosogrecos says:

    Haha another wishful thinking video. hilarious 2020 Trump ,evens favourite at odds chechecker..

  26. latoya m says:

    Donald Trumps lapdog Nunez should be charged for his behaviour. This man has no shame and no conscience.

  27. Mr. Ripthree says:

    We will see when all the cards come in…Why would anyone believe MSNBC ???? DNC caused this problem and you fools backed them up…All for hatred of Trump , ratings and keeping same old people on top of scam….Get out of the gutter ….

  28. Lauren Simon says:

    The MC Escher analogy is beautiful

  29. Phyllis Jarrett says:

    Trump didn’t send them. Have you thought about how the Russian crashed Trumps party, so now these guys crashed their party. Quit blaming everything on Trump when he didn’t know they were going.

  30. robert strickland says:

    Which flag is flying over D.C., the U.S. or the Russian?

  31. SWSimpson says:

    Seriously, the FBI should move in on this administration and Trumpy's lawyers.

  32. blackfeather dog says:

    our government is hiding the truth from the people of the United States of America

  33. David Daugherty says:

    IN my opinion I think that any case that's this serious that gives top secret information to A opposition and party that helps needs to be put in front of A FIRING SQUAD for treason OR the electric chair Yes it goes for Snowden and others that have done damage to our great country after all do you think that puttin puts them in jail for treason OR are they killed?I feel that it must should be the death penalty for treason not prison and let out early

  34. 4Crocket says:

    I'm a dem voter and this is so false. And how so many agree, thumbs up the post has me worried…how can a news station flat out lie on a post…and also 90% give thumbs up to it? With the Internet, etc how can this many be this dumb and duped?

  35. 4Crocket says:

    Strange. I'm an Obama voter. He was full of it. I scroll the responses to this post and so many say Repubs are traitors, trump, Repubs should be indicted, but what I notice not one post has any facts, evidence supporting the claims! Someone says trump is enriching top donors and the rich! Hilarious! Obama and trillion dollar stimulus? All going to donors of his! You forget? Trump and Repubs actually gave regular Americans a tax cut! Fact!

  36. M Jave says:

    Nothing will happen it’s all a circus 🤡

  37. phillip welch says:

    It should be known that all who's supporting Trump's doings are supporting a criminal thier enabling treasonous crimes against thier own Government Trump's seems to brainwashed his followers to undermine the RULES OF LAW AND ORDER know they're thinking he's above the LAW

  38. mikepare1967 says:

    end trump and anything that he has anything to do with.

  39. No Calvinism says:

    An Open & Shut Case of Obstruction of Justice AND Conspiracy Against The United States of America! Many times MORE than Nixon!

  40. sidearm45 says:

    500 days later and the left still can't accept the results of an election. Mueller exists to provide a charge should the Democrats win the House in November. This is looking less and less likely. Trump's policies are producing results that we haven't seen in 30 – 50 years. Democrats are running on raising taxes, more benefits for illegals, and possibly gun control. They've nominated some unelectable far left candidates which isn't helping their cause. This is such a big secret that Kelly walked this guy in right in front of reporters. MSNBC has the goods now on the 'secret' meeting. Please. Diversionary noise in light of the spy in the Trump campaign. God bless liberals. I'm going to watch more 2016 election night meltdowns. It helps me understand why you folks hate one of the few people in DC who is looking out for the little guy.

  41. CY Riceball says:

    MSNBC, you bunch of SKUNKS.  Fake News

  42. Clip Clap says:

    What is the point 9f discussion, he will be pardoned!!!!!!

  43. badboy6969949 says:

    what this fake news conveniently didn't report, was kelly did not attend the meeting but lift before it started. this is shameful!

  44. Beth Lind says:

    He is not well in the brain

  45. Vet Tech says:

    Maybe he was looking for the bathroom and just happened to stumble into the DOJ meeting??????? LOL

  46. Mythical Wolf says:


  47. Mythical Wolf says:

    What are you morons resisting? Success? America?

  48. Jon Smith says:

    We got him now

  49. Randy Roggenbuck says:

    He cries about Spygate, then turns around and does something like this. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Abuse of power

  50. Quentin Garnes says:

    Shame what the gop and russia is doing to our country

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