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  1. TRUTHSERIES says:

    Finally the Old witch is leaving Bill. But From Monica Lewinsky to 'What Happened', do you think Bill Clinton is a victim?

  2. jacob says:

    to what is necessary
    even top the notorious liar

  3. agirlyou dontknow says:

    she deserved the ridicule. she messed with a married man! why the hell should Hillary worry or be concerned with her?

  4. Julie Miller says:

    It's my understanding that one spouse cannot be FORCED to testify against the other, but they CAN CHOOSE to do so.

  5. Dorothy Home says:

    Killary is quite a punch line her self.

  6. Tay's Peis says:

    That lying cow bashed the Obama. She is a sociopath

  7. Rida Evans says:


  8. Mossy Long says:

    First, I feel Bill has paid his dues living with her..second, in the debate clip, why did she keep looking over her right shoulder

  9. Mossy Long says:

    she only stayed with him for her own gain

  10. Mika Mitena says:

    Bill should be divorcing Her!

  11. Teri Hall says:

    I must say, I've watched these two growing up. Both have sinned insurmountably. They are HUMAN. My thoughts are that Bills indiscretions are typical (not to be confused with approval). I would like to see EVERY man, who has ever had indiscretions do so in the views of the entire world. And for the wives of those men, to allow the entire world to watch her response. It honestly saddens me, that these two didn't just get OUT of the public's eye as a target, and fix their marriage. Hillary found "validation", in her search for self empowerment. Bill sort of just faded into the background. How about everyone stop talking about how evil they both are, and let them die in peace? I'm a Trump follower, without a doubt, but all the drama brought up, is doing NO good for anyone, except the ones seeking a little grace from their own issues. Go watch cartoons. I personally find NO fulfillment in her (or his) downfall, and simply do not understand why others do apparently.

  12. dumenj says:

    Hillary is more full of shit then ever.

  13. Rich Simmons says:

    just imagine if the cunt was in the white house right now
    makes you shudder to think about it
    We are very lucky to have Trump , not because of what or who he is
    but just because he is , and he defeated the Communist Goliath that is Hillary Clinton

  14. T Young says:

    Staying true to form, not a word that came out of Hillary's mouth during this interview was true. Especially when she spoke of how she has grown in the years since the Lewinsky debacle. If she weren't still such a problem for this country, I would say she was simply laughable. But, she and Soros, Obama and the rest who are hell bent on destroying America are still too much of a threat. The very fact that she is still NOT in jail is a clear testament to that.

  15. Alison Abuhadema says:

    is this some kind of joke? Donald Trump our would be president, is dividing our country. everyday it's like a soap opera. Donnie Johnnie can't put two words together and have them make sense. if he wrote a book it would be compared to a dr. Seuss's book. so stop bitching about Hillary already, you got your psycho president. God have mercy on us all. except for the idiots who voted for Trump.

  16. Lawney Malbrough says:

    What? She's gonna blame Monica Lewinsky for her divorce? Like anyone with half a brain is gonna believe that. If she had a problem with Bills cheating on her she would have divorced him many years ago. I get the feeling that she likes the fact that all her life was played out in public. She smiles sincerely when she mentions that point. She used Bills cheating as a stepping stone to make herself seem larger than life. I don't even think she was a little bit concerned about Bills personal life. It was all about politics with her. Why is she divorcing him now? Because like all women she will throw the man away when she no longer has any use for him.

  17. John smith says:

    Hillary Clinton would have been the U.S. President today if she protected Monica Lewinsky, the victims of Harvey Weinstein, victims of Hollywood pedophiles etc. If Hillary did the right thing most of American including the NRA would have wanted her for president.

  18. redcup 3 says:

    how did this witch get so any people to believe her? she is totally crazy

  19. Jay Aeecee says:

    If they divorce will they still be brother and sister?

  20. Jay Aeecee says:

    Deeper understanding and don't need political combat that's why she calls us deplorable.

  21. Lawrence Smith says:

    They served each others purpose in politics and money making while leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake.
    Good riddance, the sooner they disappear into obscurity, the better.

  22. Alan Miell says:

    This Evil Woman should of been locked up along time ago, The whole justice system in America is Currupt, the amount of crimes this woman as committed is beyond a joke, LOCK HER UP. CROOKED and EVIL to the CORE

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