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  1. Zero Exitium says:

    To be honest Trump kinda is trying to provoke NK

  2. Mike Marley says:

    President Trump did not start this shit but He may just end it…

  3. Jack J says:


  4. Jesus Christ is Lord & Savior says:

    Not sure if this constitute as "Begging" for nuclear war, but if you're "begging" for the best cheesecake recipe, here it is.


    For the crust

    85g butter melted, plus extra for tin
    140g digestive biscuit, made into fine crumbs
    1 tbsp sugar, granulated or golden caster
    For the cheesecake filling

    3 x 300g/11oz pack Philadelphia cheese, or other full-fat soft cheese
    250g golden caster sugar
    3 tbsp plain flour
    1½ tsp vanilla extract
    finely grated zest of 1 lemon (about 2 tsp)
    1½ tsp lemon juice
    3 large eggs, plus 1 yolk
    284ml carton soured cream
    For the soured cream topping

    142ml carton soured cream
    1 tbsp golden caster sugar
    2 tsp lemon juice

    Position an oven shelf in the middle of the oven. Preheat the oven to fan 160C/conventional 180C/gas 4. Line the base of a 23cm springform cake tin with parchment paper. For the crust, melt the butter in a medium pan. Stir in the biscuit crumbs and sugar so the mixture is evenly moistened. Press the mixture into the bottom of the pan and bake for 10 minutes. Cool on a wire rack while preparing the filling.
    For the filling, increase the oven temperature to fan 200C/conventional 240C/gas 9. In a table top mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the soft cheese at medium-low speed until creamy, about 2 minutes. With the mixer on low, gradually add the sugar, then the flour and a pinch of salt, scraping down the sides of the bowl and the paddle twice.
    Swap the paddle attachment for the whisk. Continue by adding the vanilla, lemon zest and juice. Whisk in the eggs and yolk, one at a time, scraping the bowl and whisk at least twice. Stir the 284ml carton of soured cream until smooth, then measure 200ml/7fl oz (just over 3⁄4 of the carton). Continue on low speed as you add the measured soured cream (reserve the rest). Whisk to blend, but don't over-beat. The batter should be smooth, light and somewhat airy.
    Brush the sides of the springform tin with melted butter and put on a baking sheet. Pour in the filling – if there are any lumps, sink them using a knife – the top should be as smooth as possible. Bake for 10 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to fan 90C/conventional 110C/gas 1⁄4 and bake for 25 minutes more. If you gently shake the tin, the filling should have a slight wobble. Turn off the oven and open the oven door for a cheesecake that's creamy in the centre, or leave it closed if you prefer a drier texture. Let cool in the oven for 2 hours. The cheesecake may get a slight crack on top as it cools.
    Combine the reserved soured cream with the 142ml carton, the sugar and lemon juice for the topping. Spread over the cheesecake right to the edges. Cover loosely with foil and refrigerate for at least 8 hours or overnight.
    Run a round-bladed knife around the sides of the tin to loosen any stuck edges. Unlock the side, slide the cheesecake off the bottom of the tin onto a plate, then slide the parchment paper out from underneath

  5. Irfan Khan says:

    Kimbo's gonna just stuff his fat lil face with LOOBURGER whatever happens

  6. Christian Puchert says:

    @breaking news – stop using this computer voice. it makes you look, lazy & untrustworthy… read it yourself, its not that hard

  7. Judge Dread says:

    I'm really getting so bored with these attention grabbing, bull shit headlines

  8. Middle Man says:

    Click bait…

  9. markie polo says:

    Hahaha…one button and that fat pig will be bacon. Send the leftovers the Middle east!

  10. puneet alag says:

    To all you american motherfuckers . North korea challenges you to a fight!!!!! Enough of Talking

  11. puneet alag says:


  12. Pete Deiler says:


  13. hjgj ghjgjk says:

    never trust a robot with pictures

  14. FunTube says:

    trump is faking to attack north korea ?

  15. Lemetric Jones says:

    y dont u and trump meet up fight it out and go ur separate ways we dont need nomore of our soilder's gettn hurt or worst cause yall want to control the world it will never happen


    Seal team 6


    Too bad the greatest warriors are not the leaders and settle shit in the coliseum

  18. Robert Cecil says:

    It is quite obvious the obese little revoltingly manipulative gook just can’t get it’s triple chins around someone who stands up to him, and who talks really arrow straight to the world leaders making his position for EVERYONE perfectly clear.

  19. Itz Rex says:

    Kim is the one who actually wants war. Look at his face. Lmao,

  20. Benjamin Sullivan says:


    This CIA has tried to kill me multiple times in conjunction with CSIS.

    Botched CIA Murdering Operation in Russia:
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    4. Academia (you) validating my Discoveries, Physics, and Science and reporting the same.
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    I have information substantiating years of torture, abuse, multiple attempts at my life, a botched CIA operation in Russia, theft of my intellectual property, and decimation of my life by the CIA and CSIS.

    I had a deadline of 13 July 2017 to have these filed with WIPO and have them fully protected. There is no way that I could have accomplished this after these people have systematically destroyed my life.

    These people have manipulated my life in every way and prevented the sale and filing of my intellectual property and prevented the establishment of my business to exploit my discoveries, physics, and science.

    In fact, there is absolutely no statute for time (or even my actions – which have been honorable and truthful) as long as these illegal implants remain in my body and my U.S. Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties are being discarded with every legitimate facet of democracy prevented from functioning.

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    Benjamin Allen Sullivan
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  21. Eloise Jackman says:

    I’m really scared because i want to be safe ? I live in Northampton?! Will I die!?

  22. Precioso Jr Lim says:

    Donald Trump cannot compete Kim jung Un in Sumo wrestling.
    Due to overwhelming fatness

  23. Michael Kealoha says:

    Trump has small balls Trump he scared.

  24. Brian Hoke says:

    Kim Jong extremely evil man!

  25. Toronto 416 says:

    Why do idiots make videos with a fucken computer talking? Anyone can do that and make shit up. CNN wanna be loser.

  26. Rambo Bell says:

    Push The Damn Button

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