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BREAKING NEWS: Zainab’s Murderer Caught | Dunya News

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  1. Tamal Chakraborty says:

    Very sad news

  2. aisha hussain says:

    so so sorry r.i.p zainab alahumdulillah

  3. Danyal Nazim says:

    Very nice

  4. Amir Munir says:

    Very saddddddddd news

  5. Genius Genius says:

    Justice for zanaib

  6. Iftekhar Aalam says:

    Justice for zainab

  7. Mubarak Wattoo says:

    allah ko kamyab kra ary

  8. Talha Mughal says:

    justice for zainab

  9. Ammy ruzzata says:

    Justice for zainab

  10. dini taleem says:

    pakistan goverment should kill the killer in front of every one so no one can do this durty thing again

  11. THE PROPHECY says:


  12. 1mrmasterblaster says:

    These sinners are committing sins against children (like baby Zainab) for which Allah and Al-Quran commands death. Sodomy/Rape against children is the severest sin as per Allah’s commands and the only punishment for it is death by stoning publicly.
    Present government in Pakistan is responsible one hundred percent for all such cases as highlighted above. So many cases have come into the limelight during PMLN’s tenure that it should resign immediately. All individuals directly responsible must be stoned to death and those indirectly liable ought to be punished according to the individual’s lapse and severity of their involvement in the crime/sin in question.
    People of Pakistan ought to kick out the present government in the next elections.

  13. Diana Parapen says:

    justice for zainab

  14. Bilal Ahmed Memon says:

    Justice for zainab

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