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Breaking News – U.S. Reaction To Report Of N.Korean Leader Visit To China During Press Briefing

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  1. Sal Zamora says:

    USA will dominate the world so let it be said so let it be written. and the world will live in peace and travel beyond the stars.

  2. JC L says:

    This two can't be trusted, be careful Donald

  3. david fuentes says:

    beautiful intelligent and keeps a good dialog

  4. shano says:

    dam she is so cute

  5. David Ellis says:

    Doesn't this confirm who is pulling the strings in NK as we suspected all along,it suited both China and Russia to back Kim to keep the US tied up in Korea,there was no way Kim would stand up and challenge the US on his own because he's a gutless bully who kills his own people,the Chinks are shitting themselves now because they think America might just unite SK and NK leaving them out in the cold,China and Russia cannot be trusted on the NK issue.

  6. Steven Stewart says:

    It's China what is pulling all the strings with trump

  7. Ned Kelly says:

    Fuck the bastard North Koreans and the bastard Chinese lieing, cheating , scamming slope heads. Down with China and all it allies

  8. oatneal swagpaper says:

    Dam she's sexy

  9. Caboose says:

    Well if they talk to the US and not China, the DPRK would probably humiliated by that. That's why they talked to China instead of the United States. They don't want to look like they backed down because the US is serious about the B1.

  10. Si Ming says:

    Sanctions do not work in modern world

  11. Jeremy Williams says:

    USA gonna end trade with China and let them little batches starve 😂

  12. simon neke says:

    China has to report and cinfirm who visits them. They have to report who comes and go there. Give me a break.

  13. Yuri on the Edge says:

    Lil' Kimmy is just buying time with this nonsense.
    Do you really think North Korea would EVER give up its nuclear weapons peacefully, while China is funding the whole operation?
    I don't think so!

  14. P Ech says:

    Got damm it , I did not understand the Pakistan questions. Humm may be it's was my signal. Lolll

  15. Amadou Bojang says:

    Go back Evil USA god bless north Korea

  16. EAT THIS says:

    I tell you, he is not my friend so you better not friend him.
    If helping a NEIGHBOR is wrong then I will not help them BOSS

  17. EAT THIS says:

    Rogue Male
    11 hours ago
    The US has been so sidelined ever since the two Korea's initiated peace/reunification efforts.

    Rogue Male thats why US is playing games at the sideline

  18. music man 1970 says:

    North Korea has been in talks with the European Union for the last three years FACT

  19. Danny Tubiolo says:

    wtf i want to eat her box… shes hot af

  20. Lao Han Tun says:

    Matt get lost, quit the job, go and get some life, its disgraceful to even hear your sleepy voice and crooked face, do you even have a wife, or your wife hate to see you at home so you ended up, in State Department news room ? no where to go ? You sat there putting your words to other people mouth ? So low life, unprofessional. You just keep your damn mouth shut and take note other people question or State Department will bar you from coming in.

  21. un park says:

    Shi will be looking for the chance to arrest the pig to make a deal with Trump!

  22. Tom P. says:

    Matt's a bulldog

  23. MrPreacher8770 says:

    who cares ?// maybe china will reign in n korea for the betterment of the world. its not like us / nato is doing anything to change the problem.

  24. Martha Fockur says:

    Is that Cameron Diaz? She seems very friendly.

  25. James Shih says:

    Yeah right. Say all you want. Trump is smarter and better president than China and N. Korea combined.

  26. Ried Gordon says:

    Lisa time will tell read ur bible America sold out to the devil himself promoting gay marriage transgenders having satanic churches going all over the world destroying nations and God will deal with America aka mystery Babylon

  27. Mohammed Mannan says:

    Ur not worried about syrian civilians, ur worried about terrorists getting smashed up by great syrian army.

  28. Mohammed Mannan says:

    Ur not worried about syrian civilians, ur worried about terrorists getting smashed up by great syrian army.

  29. Mohammed Mannan says:

    US is concerned about terrorists getting smashed up by great syrian army.

  30. Soleil DeParis says:

    another bitch repeating crap thats forced into her big stupid mouth. when are the americans will wake up and admit that they are the biggest terrorists and violent cowboys with their zionist pimps. puta madres

  31. Philippe Bissonnette says:

    This bitch really thinks she's something lol. In a situation we is the very first to shit her pants I guess tey need not a strong mans voice but an arrogant both who knows nothing of this world just her handlers she is nobody just like a grain of sand in the ocean of the corrupt and evil festers out of her mouth

  32. mrstraightforward stayready says:

    I heared kim went there for spring break they slapped dominoes and shared a 40oz of malt liquor shot dice then sang back 2 the hotel by N2Deep

  33. Thankmelater says:

    Can someone explain to me why our government is worried about who visits China dont they have the right to visit each other ? Why do we always have to be concern with others business? i dont get it. No nation is checking on us.

  34. Mario Trujillo says:

    Cludia you can suck sum good dick with that mouth you got

  35. Gigi Devoe says:

    OMG do these reporters really get paid to ask stupid questions & some not be able to speak any understandable English!! LGBT I'm sick of their RIGHTS, they don't want rights the want everyone gay. She is proud to represent gays & lesbians. Forget avg Joe let's all be queer!
    Looks likes 1/2 sick world heading in that direction!

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