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Breaking News – U.S. Law Makers Questioned U.S. And N.Korea Summit As Military Drill Set To Begin

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  1. Oneil Martin says:

    Nuke africa

  2. Oneil Martin says:

    God say kill adam

  3. Oneil Martin says:

    God say kill eve

  4. Oneil Martin says:

    God say kill serpent

  5. Rich Bespoke says:

    hmmmmm im wondering now if youtupe mania is russian media..

  6. Oneil Martin says:

    God say nuke cain

  7. Oneil Martin says:

    God say nuke abel

  8. Oneil Martin says:

    Beg you a donation

  9. Oneil Martin says:

    Nuke christopher columbus and africa

  10. Davy Joe says:

    Removal of US troops in SK is not an issue. If Kim demands US troops removal from SK in exchange of denuclearization, Donald is pleased to do it. But if Kim refuses to denuclearize, Donald would still eventually remove US troops from SK.

  11. Kathleen Bemis says:

    President Trump ought to bring a case of assorted cheeses to Kim, and maybe their talks will go well. After all, "the way to a mans heart is through his stomach ".

  12. Wayne Haile says:

    This arse' Kim Jung Un may give his Nuclear weapons to China or Iran then get them back as soon as weapons inspectors leave.
    I dont trust the slop head pricks.
    China and Iran are both shifty pricks too.

  13. Oneil Martin says:


  14. Oneil Martin says:

    Nuke haiti

  15. Jesse Holliman says:


  16. American First says:

    Supporting the Potus is one thing but… but meeting kim jung un??? Wtf??? or better Wth??Why would the potus meet him? I wouldn't trust that bitch if my life depended on it! I'd be ready to take that bitch out just in case…

  17. DR Ir M says:

    You want NoKo to come to the negotiating table and yet you are holding Provocative drills near them. This is what we call BACK STABBING. Don't be surprise if the Fat Ass start firing ICBMs during the talk.
    I can imagine what the Fat Ass will demand to denuclearize the peninsular:
    1. USA must close all military bases in Korea and Japan and withdraw all military personnel within one thousand km away from NoKo
    2. No more drills in whatsoever form within a thousand km away from NoKo
    3. USA Nato must also denuke
    4. USA SoKo Japan China and Russia must guarantee NoKo’s security and safety
    5. Lift all sanctions in whatever form immediately
    6. Others

  18. Thomas Lindenthal says:

    Diese Dummen Yankees 🇺🇸 meinen sie Können Über jeden bestimmen 🤔 sie haben nur Angst das sie was ab bekommen wenn sie wider versuchen ein Land 🏁zu Okooperieren 🤮 was nicht so leicht ist wenn es Atomwaffen🚀 hat und sich wehren kann scheissen💩 sie sich ein. Warum bleibt die USA 🇺🇸 nicht auf ihrer 💩 Insel🗾 und Lässt die anderen leben wie sie es wollen. Und kommt mir nicht mit Menschenrechte und Demokratie 🤮darum ging es niemals sondern immer nur um Geld💰 für die Rothschilds und Rohstoffe⛰ 🤮

  19. Aditya Murty says:

    that was a Shit of an add in the beginning.

  20. Oneil Martin says:

    Nuke the cia

  21. Oneil Martin says:

    Nuke jamaicà

  22. Oneil Martin says:

    Nuke 1 876 566 4947

  23. Wolfcaradura Caradura says:

    THANK YOU —Youtupe . Your vids are impruving . Onanothernote—personally i find it very annoying when poeple use that computer voice to speak the narrative

  24. Mark Mims says:

    To be honest
    There can only be 1
    So the runner ups
    Will destroy humanity
    By blowing up the moon

  25. EAT THIS says:

    With the peace talk pending US dragging its feet with hidden fears and there goes never ending muscle flexing military drills after drills, threats after threats. This is irking countries around especially Russia and China. When crazy clowns at the helm WW3 is minutes away. Let's see where this arrogant US ends. No point barking incessantly, let the war start if US do not honestly want peace. Let the last standings take the head count. Press it you fucking US MORONS. PRESS IT don't just fucking talk talk talk. Lots of us tired and depressed by your war bells, come on we all die together

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