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  1. Els says:

    Well so called paper boy, coffee maker got the sweet deal by pleading guilty instead of being the fall guy and changing implicating stories now might have no jail time. How smart is Papadopoulos? Very smart indeed.

  2. John Townsend says:

    RE "Thank God for Robert Mueller" With Wrey as the new FBI director? This was a bad choice because Trump now has a back channel communication option with the FBI director through Chris Christie. On the surface, it may have seemed like a safe mainstream pick but it is far from it. The choice of Christie's friend and defense counsel in the Bridge-gate scandal shows that Trump can and surely will push the envelope to solidify his inner circle. His next move will be to disembowel the FBI itself, the same way the EPA is being gutted, removing all remnants of its investigation into his Russian connections.

  3. Maryanne Sedlak says:

    She is the most corrupt women. THE Dems have the News in there pockets. President is not saying anything to remove Mueller. You people are fake news. You are a disgrace. Lock Her Up! They have nothing. You're a Disgrace. Fake News.

  4. Maryanne Sedlak says:

    Idiot Liberals. You're crazy. You are crazy. Unbelievable how this network lies and turns things it around. A true witch hunt. Tell the truth MSNBC. Tell the Truth.

  5. Tom Donaldson says:

    One reporter says Trump has the authority to order Jeff Sessions to investigate Hillary and another says he cannot. Which is it?

  6. Claudine Toler says:

    You mealie mouth bastards make me sick. This is why this country is so goddam crooked I DO NOT see our President as at fault.

  7. Apu Stanislawa says:

    Howard dean is great. Love when ppl tell it just how it is

  8. Bush Madness says:

    Obama should have done more to stop this madness. Maybe he should have spent less time on Soul Train and more time on Trump.

  9. Bush Madness says:

    Obama is a song and dance man, a useless clown

  10. Bush Madness says:

    Obama was spooked by Trump and his birther fiasco. Putin bankrolled the whole birther fiasco probably the BP oil spill too.

  11. Bush Madness says:

    Russia elected Obama in 2008 because the know he's Clinton lite at best, ugh

  12. Lynda Mackrous says:

    That’s how clinton gets away

  13. Lynda Mackrous says:

    My guess is Trump knows a lot more then he can say they’re all lawyers besides trump and lawyers weasel out of laws watch Silvio Berlusconi, they must have taken clues from him

  14. Lynda Mackrous says:

    Dudnttrump say he has NO power over DOJ

  15. Lynda Mackrous says:

    He never seen in law ? Didn’t lawyer have closed eyes as far as Clintons are concerned
    Washington and Hollywood live in their own bubble and their bubbles are bursting

  16. danny burton says:

    we are very frustrated too trump with your retarded administration

  17. danny burton says:

    I would like to know where is Flynn? not seen or heard anything about him.

  18. Say What says:

    If I had a dollar whenever someone say this is not normal when it come to Trump, I will be a billionaire.

  19. Dan Rao says:

    Well what else is suppose to do when the FBI is in Hiilary's back pocket? Or when the FBI knew all along and was involved with the Uranium One deal? Whats he suppose to do when more than half the country is completely brain washed puppets who actually believe what the media is telling them? What are real Americans suppose to do when half the country are under the mind control of George Soros? I truly feel bad for the people that believe Donald Trump is their enemy. This country is in serious trouble. God help us all!

  20. lawrence fernandez says:

    President Trump did not interfere with the Justice Dept. but he has the right to enquire /criticise on why the A.G. is is closing an eye to the misdeeds of Hillary, Comey and Mueller and their involvment in the Uranium One deal, email cover-up etc. The fake media , making such stupid comments shows how rotten they are, MSNBC is no exception

  21. lawrence fernandez says:

    BoB Mueller has he produced any evidence, no. Mueller should go, his investigation is simply following the Democratic/Deep State agenda.

  22. lawrence fernandez says:

    Trump was duly elected , why must he leave office Howard Dean, becos you say so

  23. W T F says:

    you fuckers are fucking ignorant, fuck the crimes the democrates do, lets fuck over the the people who seek justist

  24. Raven Roulette says:

    President Trump IS MY PRESIDENT. Trump 2020!

  25. Gus Swampwallower says:

    Hannity has long ago been discredited as any kind of impartial journalist. His talking points are controlled by the Murdoch family who own Fox, who in turn very openly support and finance the GOP and their agenda. Hannity would not keep his very well paid job for long if he did anything else.
    If you read and listen to a wide variety of sources both local and international you will be amazed at how bizarre Fox’s claims are in comparison to the rest. Remember when Hillary was alleged to be running a child sex ring out of a pizza shop? And a guy then ran in there with a gun thinking that he would catch her in the act? Were you a believer of that? If so, aren’t you feeling just a little bit silly right now?
    This week it’s the theft and sale of uranium. What’s planned for next week?
    Ha! Just how does 1 elderly woman of only average health, who has never had much real individual power find the time to cram in so much creative evil in so many places all at once…?
    And why are these fantastical claims always pushed hardest when new Russia gate facts emerge?
    Is this really so hard to work out?

  26. Malca's Grace says:

    Trump is tormented and afraid as he should be

  27. Dee Thor says:

    This sounds like a dictatorship who's trying to avoid constitution rights, laws, and democracy. Why is he still in the executive office?

  28. Gen Alexandrov says:

    All liberals are with mental dusorder ! It is absolutely useless to read their comments; waist of time!
    Boy, if they only see themselves aside!!?? ???

  29. Webster Sharon says:

    That moment when you are mad that boss is only fingering you out and other staff members are doing the same.

  30. grayeagle says:

    MSNBC You guys are a joke and we have allowed ourselves to consider you all a big joke so far BUT now it has been a fcking year and your joke has grown old and we are about to consider you instead what you really are a GD PATHETIC PIECE OF SCUM TRYING TO LIE YOUR ASSES OFF TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND IT IS NOT APPRECIATED. We will be taking action soon MSNBC. Your days are numbered/. OK You say it is illegal. Then be happy, you can put Trump in jail if it is illegal and wont that make you happy so why are you all worried? I will tell you, because it is not illegal and Trump is right.Trump works for us you MF and we are the ones saying LOCK HER UP! You thought that was Trump's desire? Oh NO. That was the people's demand. You got it.

  31. grayeagle says:

    I think the Congress should say what the law is thank you very much. not a couple morons acting like news reporters in order to deceive a few of the lower intelligent type Americans. MSNBC is an Embarrassment to the nation. I hate to break it to you few fools. Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla LOLOLOLOLOLOL. LOLOLOLOLOL. LOLOLOLOLOL. (Just indict them all!) LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  32. Sandy Ozuna says:

    Trump is a guilty man. He wants Mueller stopped because hes getting to close to the truth about trump.

  33. Sandy Ozuna says:

    Trump is a dictator

  34. Sandy Ozuna says:

    They will do whats right and proper and thow the whole f….k..g lot of them in prison. Trump is pushing. He'll be sorry

  35. Sandy Ozuna says:

    The republicans need to get a back bone, and stand up to trump.

  36. Biram Dean says:

    He said he wasn’t involved in the legal action!!Lock the Bitch up !!

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