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Breaking News Today, Trump Just Called US Generals Into Emergency Meeting, Trump News Today

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  1. J Mclat says:

    America is about to burn and collapse America will be a dic tator ship and we will be forced through the femadeath camps

  2. illflyawayhome2 says:

    The calm before the ? Only God knows.

  3. Laurel Traylor says:

    obama and clinton soros are all in on the korean mess

  4. Esther Eva Gudsteinsdottir says:

    Go Trump

  5. ibrahim boubakar says:

    All the devils together, trust me they are going attack.

  6. yrgg 2004 says:

    God Bless Mr Trump! Thank previous presidents for this mess!

  7. Felipe Gomsz Jr. says:

    This channel a Trump bashing channel? If it is? I'm getting rid of it!

  8. James Broglie says:

    Can you please tell me if the situation room is such a classified center of command during a national emergency, what the heck were Sarah Palin and Hulk Hogan doing in the room with all the advisors. The looked like they were watching a screening of Hogan's best moments in wrestling history. All they need is a popcorn maker in the back.

  9. Colin Tan says:

    Just pulverize the dictator.

  10. Class One says:

    He will destroy US very soon

  11. Mark S. McKinney says:

    Why the picture of Oboma and Hillary on this feed???

  12. Stjepan Blagaj says:

    why did put up picture from Obama crap thanks show new staff and not from Obama meeting thanks

  13. eljahsiemallah says:

    Who is willing to see themselves and their families loss theirs lives in a nuclear war and for what?

  14. eljahsiemallah says:

    Stand down Trump!!! Hands of North Korea!!! We are not willing to loss our lives in a nuclear war because leaders of other countries are not letting you bully them into submission.

  15. V/V1970 says:

    A Point to think on. Kim Jong-Un talking about an H Bomb over open Water in the Pacific?
    In my view, An H Bomb over open water in the Pacific can`t even be considered. The thought itself could be used as proof of insanity of the individual who came up with it. Considering the Altitude of detonation from the surface as well as the ocean depth in the area of detonation has NO Favorable outcome. Calculated water displacement could reach the ocean floor. Some 2 to 5 miles deep.
    A Tsunami can be caused by a small earthquake or plate shift. A Hydrogen Bomb`s pressure can`t be directed. it`s round blast will move whatever is in it`s way until it has spent all of it`s energy, Over water that`s a 360 degree blast pattern. It`s going to move a lot of water. 195 degrees of force. Down & Out from only half the blast. At a 4-5 mile circle of force that`s not going to stop until it meets resistance/Landfall. ?….200 ft Tsunami? Then…The Fallout….?

  16. George Kolotouros says:

    God help us .

  17. Amjad Jaradat says:

    Gonna look nasty when those north Korean anti aircrafts cover the skies in rain of bullets and missiles

  18. herman klaasen says:

    Aussie ] you call this news its a week old and i wonder how the US would react if you send war ships and war planes of the US coast dont make me laugh the US is the main treat to the world going to war dumb arse

  19. Joe Nimeskern says:

    God bless President Trump. Pray for revival in our country to turn to God and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. Repent before it is too late. If the nuke hits the US what will happen to you after that? Good question.

  20. Ernesto cordero says:

    That reptilian is only one head from the scientific serpent ,you need to start in AMERICA, THE STRONGEST ARE WIT YOU .

  21. Jacey Corriveau says:

    TRUMP IS MAKING THE PROBLEM WORSE… What a shame of a man … he is the worst President, ever!!

  22. Err Gh says:

    Tôi tên Trần Thiên Hoàng , sinh: 29/6/1988…Tôi chính là số 8 huyền thoại,người thấy tương lai , người có thể tao ra vũ khí sóng xung kích chống lại các hoạt động tên lửa….Hiện tôi đang ở Taiwan và cần đến nước Mỹ …..Tôi muốn tới Mỹ

  23. PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte says:

    GOD bless the U.S.A., GOD bless Donald J. Trump & Dr. Sebastian Gorka, GOD bless Mark Levin, Rush H Limbaugh III; GOD bless Shawn Hanity and Carlton Tucker & other conservatives. Also, LORD bless Judicial Watch/Freedom Watch representatives and GOD bless Jay Sekulows A.C.L.J. GOD DAMN the evil (isis, Iran, N Korena, radical Islamic terists, etc) to hell.

  24. 1dogeez says:

    wth hulk hogen chillery clinton wth

  25. m Day says:

    Trump is ONLY a jack off hand puppet for the Jew World Order.
    If they say suck he sucks.
    And that is what he is doing at this time.
    God bless him for cleaning up all that cum with his mouth the way he does.
    The Jew world order has a true mate in Trump! he seems to be able to suck sperm as long as it is produced.
    God bless the United States of America………..to hell!

  26. m.m. bing says:

    Pocket rocket man girl going to get his little fat ass kicked

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