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  1. david jones says:

    Kim you fat fart!

  2. ken windrum says:

    Kim is a fuckin fat ass dog,

  3. sasha mahalo says:

    kim misses denis rodmans bbc

  4. David jones says:

    This is the situation with North Korea, they would still have conventional weapons and missiles and their warfare, and their army. So if you think about it, all the nations that have nuclear weapons right now have registered them with the United Nations. That's the only way that a country can have nuclear weapons legally! They have been ran through the United Nations, so they don't just go firing those weapons on other countries! Nuclear weapons were meant to be used as a deterrent. Except for Kim Jong Un, he's the only one that is threatening the world with his nuclear armaments. It has to stop! So here's where your little fault is, Kim could use his conventional weapons against other countries that attacked him with conventional warfare. He would be able to protect him self and his country using conventional bombs and missiles so what I'm seeing here is a situation that Kim wants a whole lot more than just being able to protect himself he wants to have control and blackmail the world that's why he wants the nuclear weapons illegally! he has not ran them through the United Nations so he is in violation of the world trade treaties. see this is all just made up and the uses Qadhafi dude is in as an illustration that don't hold up because, he could still fight back with his conventional bombs and missiles! All other nuclear countries are registered with the United Nations, so they are not going to attack North Korea with nuclear weapons! It would be the countries that have conventional weapons that might try to attack, but that can happen with any countries, and has happened! So this is the situation, when you break it all down you can see what is really happening here! this is where you guys are trying to pull the wool over people's eyes! I can see right through all of this!

  5. harper levert says:


  6. Theresa Mitchem says:

    He is just acting out child on puppet string. We are praying for you and your family President Trump. Fear not in men, fear only in God. We have total Faith and Love in You Jesus Christ.

  7. Charlie Gibson says:

    It's ok Mr Trump I will say that Kim is short and fat. Don't let his words hurt you be the bigger man everyone has haters with Kim you know that he's going to throw names around.

  8. Mr John says:

    hi from Sweden

  9. nanaPhyllis Bennett says:

    Our President Trump's health is better than tubby alcohol..very intelligent mind…healthy man

  10. C Daniels says:

    If Trump is old, then what would Kim say about his father and grand father, the *sshole! Bet he wouldn't dare call them old if they were still around.

    …Better to de older, filthy rich, smart, successful, wise, experienced, Christian and the leader of the richest country in the world (with the best trained and equipped army), than to be a young, idiotic, short, fat, UGLY, complete ass (and Trump wanna-be), who once said that North Korea ''Is now a Muslim republic', not knowing what he wants. You can't even run a tiny patch of wasteland called North Korea, feed your people, provide reliable electricity, housing, street sweepers nor have resources anyone wants. And you're hated everywhere, like a Muslim!

  11. Wadeuww9w m sksznz kk Nuttall says:

    We will be the ones laughing when he is a smoldering pile of crap

  12. Nancy Olson says:

    Trump Rocks !!!!! So grateful for OUR PRESIDENT!!! N. Korean Dictator Kim is The " Supreme " Leader" of HELL on Earth !!! Pray for the truly suffering N. Korean People under this Evil Tyrant !!!

  13. Jalamang Jobe says:

    Kim is right old man is mad

  14. Mark Spencer says:

    North Korea is really screwed up with that short fat communist idiot

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