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TV7 Israel News 23.11.17
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  1. Theresa Mitchem says:

    UN should have been more on it before now. Please run to the Lord Jesus Christ

  2. T Love says:

    They will all run for the boarders at once who can stop them all 4,mil solders RUN Y'ALL RUN

  3. Peter Summersett says:

    Trump and I should count this video as good news, concerning how Trump's measures have become effective. Pray for increasing troop discontent, in NOKO. And, how do we further counteract the NOKO nation wide brainwashing that rocket man controls? Trump likely needs to become even more involved, in the secret and sometimes subtle, social things in NOKO.

  4. david jones says:

    Trump should drop paper leaflets from the air to let the people know in North Korea to overturn and overtake the North Korean regime. Also they should try to escape in large numbers into South Korea! Let me tell you, that will cause a lot of distortion and suspicion in Kim Jong Un's thinking, plus it will cause a lot of distrust not knowing what his people might try to do to him and his regime!

  5. ken windrum says:

    Bugs live inside the kim's ARMY _  These guys cant fight there way out of a wet paper bag,,

  6. victor buttigieg says:

    From Australia….."Make America Great Again..Impeach Trump"

  7. George Young says:

    Its fucked in america racism. Government robbing ppl

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