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BREAKING NEWS TODAY 10/17/17, Rand Paul Issues Shock Trump Announcement, Pres Trump News Today

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  1. southern girl says:

    Rand Paul is trust worthy

  2. Harolyn Allison says:

    yeah, tell McCain to put the nuts back in his chipmunk mouth, store them for winter and shut the hell up

  3. Harolyn Allison says:

    check the dow jones, it is close to 23K

  4. Carlos Jose says:

    This senator and president i hope should get KARMA and cancer in the brain AND their family

  5. Debra J Messmer says:

    wtg Ran Paul let get this right for all go Trump

  6. Yrgg2004 says:

    Go Trump!

  7. Joe Samalis says:

    Trump is the dumbest President in history. He's exactly like the pompous ignoramus Archie Bunker.

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