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Breaking News Today 10/17/17, Newt Gingrich PREDICTS Hillary Demise, Pres Trump latest News Today

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  1. Francis Facciolo says:

    Hey hillary,you are a asshole

  2. Harolyn Allison says:

    well she went to England and made a total ass of herself and topped her trip by falling down and not showing up for her interviews, i bet they don't want to listen to her any more than we do, i am sick and tired of her, she needs to be in jail and not making book deals she needs to write a book and call it how my husband drops his pants in one easy step

  3. Autumn Gold says:

    Newt go take a back seat with the OTHER swamp sluges. You just do not get it. Trump IS SUPPOSE TO STIR THE GEASY POT UP YOU DEMONS OH, DEMOCRATS HAVE DONE TO THE Americans. What was a dark, musty, bat filled cave called govt office finally NOW has the light on the Obama administration. You rats are running and trying to find some dark corner to HIDE in. Inexcusable what ypu traders and thieves have done to OuR Country. Shameful how not one of you is brave enough to take the blame for any of your intentional bad deeds! One lies and the other swares to it. The new generation of voters and supporters want the whole lot of you off the stage and out of lime light. Believe me I for one am telling you to go take a nap and sip on a warm cup of milk. Let President Trump and his supporters STIR the pot and figure out how to get our Country out of this rotten STENCH you created. If you are guilty of something take the finger out of the dyke and get before our Superior Court Judges and Congress handle your corruption find the truth and prison time will be shuffled out like a deck of cards. It is in that prison cell you can finish your naps. JUST GO AWAY..AMERICANS ARE TIERD OF YOU VOICES..

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