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Breaking News Today 10/12/17, McCain Makes Nasty Move Against US Mil*ita*ry, Pres Trump news today

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  1. Lor M. says:

    Can the military arrest McCain

  2. Charlie .L says:

    McCain has to go. I believe that he has been there too long.

  3. Alexus Highfield says:


  4. Tarzen Gregory MR WILLIAMS says:

    ????"John McCain lost his marble's upstair's in his bellfery, when he lost the Election against Barack Obama year's ago, he hasn't been the same since" ????

  5. Kimberlee Pearson-Kinder says:

    He is a very sick man and needs to retire. The brain tumor he has is very aggresive and may not make good decisions.

  6. RJ Francis says:

    He's a lobbyist best friend and Americans best fiend. His betrayal against the American people by upholding Obamacare shows his contempt for us.

  7. Charles Gibbens says:

    mccain your a traytor and not fit to be in our government sit down and shut up and let the president do his job you were not elected and you are still a winer

  8. Nikki Kelley says:

    McCain your such a fucking POS..please die a slow painful death

  9. Ed Ley says:

    He just wants to know so he can leak it out he is the one that started the Russia lies McCain doesn’t need to know anything he needs to be locked up.

  10. D Jones says:

    everyone should do research on mccain. besides the navy men he killed by "accident" while serving, his father was very high up in the military and his military records are sealed because his father pulled strings to protect him. if you delve into his past he was a total fuckup who has been protected by a very affluent family.. in his family he was known as the black sheep. he is a traitor and should be removed from office due to his aggressive brain cancer.

  11. sahara alfie says:

    **Hey the kenyan still PAYS those ISIS, DEASH, ISIL "whatever" all mercenaires … // president Trump does just fine // djihâd john mccain the "pain in the arse" old traitor, wants to advise his buddies djihâds, we all know that, "POW" MCCAIN no more pain,// threats all you want … he has no right to block anything "POW" THE NUISANCE, **

  12. Helga Linton says:

    McCain make me sick he is a traitor to America.

  13. Wayne Teachman says:

    Don,t trust McCain at all

  14. philip tan says:

    High time to take down the mc cain's name from the war ship that involved in the accident in Singapore water. the name is cursed because of him, A disgrace to his Grand father.'

  15. RIch F says:

    send his azz home

  16. ROSE LILY says:

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  17. animal lover Alicia Meraz says:

    MaCain we know you want to sell the info,You Traitor Piece of Crap!! ??????????

  18. Rick Schulet says:

    Why is a 81 year old with brain cancer still working?
    Or should I say, obstructing progress, and collecting
    a paycheck.
    Retire! Go Home! Enjoy what time you have left!

  19. thayneboneone says:

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  20. 33tyouhk says:

    Why is this asshole still alive

  21. Dakota says:

    The military owes him NO explanation or disclosure. HE is not a military strategist but a Songbird who sells out America.Who does he think he is that the military has to go thru him to make a move? Especially knowing he is the inside LEAKER and sells out America to our enemy putting military lives in danger of sitting ducks. He is nothing and HELL is waiting-McCain-leave!

  22. Josef Kopacz says:

    McCain ..Maybe the commies infected his brain whilst being a p o.w in Nam.. hero?

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