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BREAKING NEWS TODAY 10/10/17, Obama Suddenly Silent On Protests, President Trump Latest News Today

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  1. Norma Johnson Pavlu says:

    At least our current President Donald Trump & the Vice-President have spent in order to go out to show their (our) support for those hit by the devastated areas suffering from weather's natural disasters, AND likewise to see for themselves those who have no or little patriotism for or to America, our flag, and national anthem & thank God for those who will not support those things which represent our nation & it's principles. Obama & his minions should be forced to leave or be deported to wherever their ideology would be acceptable. They should not be allowed to misuse and misinterpret our laws (such as free speech,) and be able to continue to receive their big salaries if they or their enterprises are getting ANY federal assistance. Their donors and the corporations which condone such actions & don't bar their hatred of the U.S., IMO are compromised &/or guilty of continuing to pay them. Surely, IMO, there would be other players who do love & honor our flag, etc., who could be hired to replace those in rebellion & who are continue to dishonor our flag AND all who enjoy sports as well as those who accept the electors once they could no longer accept HRC & the Obama order of oppression in tandem with the New World Order depopulation of anyone except those who consider them-selves the 'elite' who would overrule & obstruct the very foundations our country fought to secure for themselves & future generations. There was a place called Ellis Island where early immigrants were cleared or sent back. It is my belief that we should return to doing such a process to assure the health & safety of all peoples who would come here to contribute, to become a part of the American way of life, as the rest come only to disrupt or demean or destroy the things all American patriots hold precious.

  2. Norma Johnson Pavlu says:

    Obama & obama's minions practicing oppressors & the abominations OUT, as in deported.

  3. sahara alfie says:

    **What's new … heinous democrats-rinos create daily "shanenagans" with anything & everything to harm our chosen president Trump, WE are so used to that, we do not give a damn about their daily false accusations, /(that's what dems-rinos do all day, every day ), [[ WE pay those idiots to harm our beloved president …]] WE are beyond fed up to keep on paying those idiots,( who shamelessly represent us in Congress,) How can WE stop paying them heinous "individuals"…?? How come there's no LAW to fire them…?? Who will have the guts to undo those over-powered "abusive" laws, WE've accepted to live with … for too long..?!**

  4. Kim Coughlin says:

    Obama Hayes Trump and he would probably doing the same if he were at a game…he hates America…he needs to stay in his cave

  5. Mike Magnum says:

    Obama is just a dumb communist like all of his dumb communist minions out there….. Dumb because they thought that American Patriots would sit idly by and just allow a filthy communist witch, like Hillary Clinton to win a presidential election……. Obama, the dumb communist Traitor should get the hell out of America and keep his filthy communist mouth shut! But, as all dumb communists do, he will run his mouth and the MSM, shorthand for "Communist Propaganda Machine" will parrot their every word like the good little communist lap dog scum that they are….. I think that about covers what was on my mind for now! 😉

  6. Don Milligan says:

    I prayed and ask God that before I die I get a chance to piss on Barry The fairy bitche Soros monkeys grave

  7. dolores lopez says:

    Obummer has nothing to say about spending! We are still footing the bill for the crappies ex-president ever! Now work for once in your life you Crack head obummer! What is going on about your adopted daughter? Against the law!

  8. Jus- Sayin says:

    I've never hated anyone until I've watched the radical and criminal conduct of Obama and hillary

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