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BREAKING NEWS: Russia Expelling U.S. Diplomats., closing St. Petersburg consulate. #Breaking #Russia

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  1. Mike Buttfild says:

    Things are going smoothly

  2. Varekai Ascendant says:

    Wow, what a SHOCK, Never saw that coming………………sarcasm ……..

  3. Diane Owen says:

    Cynical perhaps, but I think this may be the trump/Putin plan concocted in those phone calls between the bromancers made outside the Oval Office.

  4. Johnathan n says:

    I'm a little surprised Putin is letting Trump do this. Trump can't lift a finger against Moscow without Putin's permission, like a little neutered poodle

  5. 19giosanti72 says:

    The Trump Regime has to understand that there will be consequences to their actions. Russia is just returning the U.S. Government favor of expelling their diplomats from U.S. soil. I applaud Russia for having the guts to do the same. Time for Mexico to do the same as the Trump Regime behaves with Mexico. Time for Mexico to build strong ties and a very strong relationship with Russia and China

  6. Dolfin Love says:

    Evil america will be wipeout in the globe

  7. Firstname Lastname says:

    The American establishment, deep state and US media are not only lying through their teeth, they are also absurdly hypocritical. I hope these bastards will be held accountable for their lies, schemes, global interference, wars of aggression, espionage, etc.

  8. Becky Johnson says:

    No one has real proof of anything Russia! It’s all just speculation. Russia wants to se e proof and no one will give it to them. Why?

    Our people don’t want war with Russia

  9. Rumata says:

    The first US diplomat to be appointed Minister to Russia, John Quincy Adams was the son of John Adams, the second President of the United States, and would himself go on to become the sixth President, elected in 1825. He first came to St. Petersburg at the age of 14 with Francis Dana, on a mission to build diplomatic ties between Russia and the young United States. Another future President of the United States, James Buchanan, served in St. Petersburg as “Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary” from 1832-1833

  10. selvam maniamawasi says:

    What a bullshit news network.

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