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BREAKING NEWS Out Of South Korea. US Cancels B-52 Exercise Amid Tensions With North Korea

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kim needs to be smart. Opportunity doesn't come twice. For several decades sleep between two guys Russia and China, have they even done anything to make N. Korea better yet but hungry, famine and poverty. Your people and children are starving to death except you big fat belly. Kim wake up, war will destroy many nations include you.

  2. Jackie Wu says:

    Trump blinked. Too late, no summit for you, dotard. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

  3. KAFI says:

    USA failed to fool North Korea. Nobody, except idiots like Gaddafi, trust USA.

  4. Ray Frazier says:

    Trump WTF are you doing. Don't play his game fuck take him out with Putin fuck let's go put me in

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