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BREAKING NEWS Out Of Russia… Putin’s Easter Missile Threat

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  1. Wesley Vickery says:

    And Russia, holds not merely a seat at the so called "United Nations Security Council," but a veto power to??!! They, coupled with China, and other delinquent nations, should belong to an entity known as "The Rogue Nations." #TheJokesOnUs

  2. Patrick Fallon says:

    we will have to call Putin Rocket man . he loves to shoot his Missiles .

  3. Mansur Shehu says:

    Mr Putin, I must confess that you remains the most powerful World most peaceful and peace loving President. You are like a sun above them and their policies. The more your enemies plots against you, the more they get confused in their alliance. One with God is majority. Go get them tiger, but I know you are much more stronger than tiger that is why you are a Bear, so go get them BEAR. Thanks and God bless you, AMEN.

  4. 44 annetta hunte. says:

    Mr putin the way you keep your cool i am very in press ,

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