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BREAKING NEWS Out Of North Korea, US Team in DMZ For Talks On Trump-Kim Summit

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  1. Thomas McGillivray says:

    This is promising news….North Korea apparently has a goldmine of natural resouces & could become a very prosperous member of the world trading community?

  2. Alphonso Gomez says:


  3. Alphonso Gomez says:


  4. el negro says:

    Fake news

  5. Chong Dowdy says:

    If works nor Korea and south Korea it will wining Kim Jong un why ??? On the earth people who love to coming to meet with Kim Jong un ,not just that all the country wants to so much business deal with the nor Korea. Kim will rich and his family and friends start being citizens of nor Korean , Kim Jong un must list to what American government what they can offering to and help his nor Korea ,it will be done .the god bless both countries Benefit from the god amen.

  6. Chong Dowdy says:

    Kim is seating on gold minds , business and business development in nor Korea on the future I can see the the god's visions , the god eyes on north and south Korea coming together it's will be big deal for america amen.

  7. Albino Scorpion says:

    Do not allow anyone over there, touch you. Powder will help show puncture of the skin quickly.👍😎

  8. Jackie Wu says:

    Summit on, summit off, summit on again, …… This is a clear sign of this crazy dotard POTUS is mentally deranged. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

  9. Terry Akuna says:

    Why should the U.S. make demands on N Korea when they offer nothing but insults and threats. Will the U.S. comply with the DNZ as well?

  10. KAFI says:

    North Korea can NOT TRUST USA. Kim Jong-Un does not want to be fooled like Gaddafi. USA breaks its promise whenever necessary. USA appreciates and supports one side and strikes the other side. Again it turns its friend to enemy, and thus USA keeps always fighting, because it needs to keep busy its huge army.

  11. Ron Dou says:

    Don’t know who is telling the truth anymore is it fake news is it real is it fake

  12. Prince Amoah says:


  13. say is says:

    spot on kafi. Cannot trust the US. kim protect your people. Asian nations need to unify and built your economies for the benefit of your people. The usa would try to stop you as you get stronger because then they can't control you but that's their problem. Asians must unite- there is strength in unity.

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