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Breaking News on Seth Rich Case?

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  1. rick4electric says:

    Great anslysis!

  2. Nun Ya says:


  3. D J says:

    Look the president has the power to the orders if he doesn't do it he's in Manitou

  4. Kerry Cavender says:

    Whoever killed this patriot needs to hang. Everyone from the top down. I'm so sick of the corrupt state. I would walk away from my life to fight them all. A 1 month training to work out the rust…then the purge.

  5. Ken Bar says:

    there is still a republic and they have to listen to you if you make them. what's operating now is a mirror Corporation posing as a government run by, the Jews London bankers. the people didn't give their okay, for Congress and the Senate to turn this country over to the Federal Reserve Jew bankers thus if you demand it you still have your rights rather they still have to follow the Constitution. if you demand your rights as a man that is a fictional entity they own the fictional entity. And the people on the Constitution. they wanted to eliminate the the Constitution and just go with their communist government, this is why they must get rid of the guns. even a former communist like Putin knows better. he will not let those rats into his country again he is going to protect his people. they've been kicked out of Greenland also and or Iceland I don't know which one or both.

  6. Mike Youtube says:


  7. Thomas Camilleri says:

    Holy shit! Hadn't thought of it that way but the bike rack WAS a warning!

  8. Thomas Camilleri says:

    Cover ups are SOP. Have been for a long time.

  9. Joseph Peterson says:

    The Democrats won't act for obvious reasons… But the Republicans won't act because the Democrats have the the goods on them. What do you think all that spying is really for by the NSA and virtually every alphabet organization in Washington DC? Do you remember the clintons with FBI Files back in the 90s? The same spyware technology they use to control us is turned back on them. The only way you can commit a crime and get away with it is if you are down with the agenda.

  10. Corinna Leeseberg says:


  11. Dee Blanks says:

    I Care…I have boys his age…I care, he was someones son and this is heartbreaking.
    I would have stalked and murdered all those involved, if he was my son.
    I'm not old enough yet (still raising my last child), but one day when I'm old and invisable I will be a warrior and WILL hunt and WILL execute all the evil assholes that run this world…Really I will

  12. Edward Linne says:

    I think this will be like Chappaquiddick. The truth will never really come out till maybe 40 years later. By then though the democrats will have so much power they will have total control over what people think.

  13. The American says:

    Fact: The only way to stop this consistent, criminal madness and bring the true criminals to justice, is to take up arms and go get them … which is why the same criminals are doing all they can to repeal the Second Amendment, because they know that the First Amendment is what has exposed them, and continues to do so at an exponential rate, therefore too late to seek its repeal.

  14. Qingeaton says:

    I repeat his name all the time, everywhere to everyone.
    SETH RICH was a real man, American hero and Icon and those who killed him will rot in Hell.
    Everyone with a brain knows that our government is corrupt.
    Bernie should have been an equal Man and demanded justice for Seth.
    When he did not, I washed my hands of him and all other Democrats forever.
    And by the way, the Republicans are no better, just different.

  15. Wojman12 says:

    Meme war…

  16. Suzie Greer says:

    I'm sorry but I already know Seth was the source I was subscribed to him and that's what triggered me off I hope you know how deep this goes

  17. Suzie Greer says:

    I thought I may be the source but it's only because my way of investigating isn't that heroic

  18. Michael Quigley says:

    To Arms!

  19. Stu Pidasso says:


  20. Pray Unceasingly says:

    The truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity today. One might ask why that is the case when truth is essential to the function of any successful society.

  21. kcsunnyone says:

    Is he in WITSEC? Taken from hospital (alive) put into witness protection to testify against DNC/Hillary. The 2 hired killers from ms13 both found dead

  22. openedmieyez says:

    a fucking bike rack, talk about take the piss… sick motherfuckers, got to bee justice.. am not an american, but this one, like JFK, gives me goosebumps.. so True, we are at a Turning Point, choose wisely… Lets Hope Trump is all He seems to Bee..
    God Bless Seth Rich and his Family

  23. danelle swinehart says:

    Its a good idea but these people are evil and take their orders from Satan.

  24. betzstump says:

    Seth Rich's name is added to the long list of people associated to the Clinton who die under mysterious circumstances and have never seen justice: Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Keven Ives & Don Henry, and dozens of others.

  25. Murph says:

    Sessions is incapable of logical thinking. He continues to ignore the fact, civil asset forfeiture is a crime on the American people. He has turned a blind eye to the truth. The Seth Rich case is just another example of that! Americans are told to, get in line… And then… get in line! And I might add, with little or no recourse.

  26. Murph says:

    World War lll has already begun and what makes it different from the others? This time it is a worldwide Civil War and it's going to get real ugly!

  27. Подключение к медиасети says:

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  28. Caleb Salvatore says:

    I am sure the Deep State has an abundunce of killing squads created to carry out disgusting acts like this one.

  29. Roderick Molasar says:

    These YouTube sites are my only source of news.

  30. Dan Reidy says:

    We live in a lawless cesspool of a COUNTRY, control by JEW controlled SES & SERCO

  31. Anabel Camacho says:

    There is Criminal "justice" with purpose to punish or take advantage from peoples misery. …and there is real justice – Restorative Justice with function to readjust peoples activities in a life serving way with out punishment or even hate.

    Everyones needs can be met by free giving from the heart and real safety is in taking care of everyone, so that will be no one to be afraid of.

  32. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Think… french revolution as a solution to all this corruption, naa the sheeple will not rise until THEIR necks are in the chopping block

  33. Gunther Schadow says:

    What's the source that his parents agree now? I can't confirm.

  34. StickyTank says:

    make a beautiful shrine at the shitty plaque, hold a silence vigil outside the DNC. fuckin stare em down

  35. Dydreth says:

    Stuff like this has been going on since the Clintons were in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion. A lot of people have ended up dead under highly questionable circumstances with regards to the Clintons.

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