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  1. USA News says:

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  2. Jothi Raj says:

    just Smash the northkorea why they doing Like this

  3. Jothi Raj says:

    don't delay

  4. Russell Newcombe says:

    I fink Trump is the Bad Man + will do Bad Stuff like starting a new clear war wiv Norf Career

  5. Warren Blanch says:

    Who ever gives the order to take out North Korea will start ww3 mark my words..

  6. Arbiy Biya says:

    If war starts in this crazy time no one,
    Can stop it ,
    It will be last no chance for next one,
    Everyone wanted it ,
    2017 is worst era.

  7. Antifa Sux says:

    Oh my gosh! Weaptons!

  8. ElectroPals LLC says:

    im rbe title l, did you speak weapons wrong purposely, or you just an idiot?

  9. tay shoa says:

    i say just send troops and end it all??‍♀️

  10. Donald Harvey says:

    No way he is got to be removed now

  11. Donald Harvey says:

    You maybe think that north korea can be lived with nuclear wepons but you would only regret it if he does get missiles to reach any place in this world and america would be first to regret it he has said this to many times now and he hasn't signed fir any polio ration to limit the nuclear fire arms he would make or sell he can't be alowed to do any ove that shit it's time to take him out

  12. Donald Harvey says:

    If you want to live with the threat if north korea all your life then I dont

  13. Pacific Angel says:

    The question that kills: How avoid another Pearl Harbour ? China and Russia say that if USA attacks first they will support North Korea against US ! ! !  If North Korea sends a nuke missile over US and it results into an EMB which will cut electricity in all US, moving the country like 20 years ago. So should US still attack North Korea first or wait till North Korea make a major mistake and hits first ?

  14. Pacific Angel says:

    I face a major challenge in giving my thrust to China and Russia when both countries shall only support US if US wait be hit by North Korea before US retaliates! ! ! (Another Pearl Harbour ! ! ! )

  15. Randall Lannon says:

    9 of 10 are going to be exterminated by the NWO. WAKE THE FU*K UP PEOPLE. organize a local militia and get some ammo.

  16. Ben Hunt says:

    In the name god!! Please attack North Korean!

  17. Sri Harsha says:

    Teach Kim a lesson ?

  18. Sea Storm says:


  19. Beautiful nature in hd says:

    many many views in 10$

  20. Julie Kim says:

    North Korean leaders are an evil

  21. BLUE MAN says:

    God help us please don't let them do war

  22. Aleks S says:

    The personnel of the US aircraft carrier and escort ships bound for the coast of the DPRK should think about personal safety, the best is to register on shore. In the event of an aggravation of the conflict, this group will be exposed to the infrasound of the fatal frequency of 8 to 15 Hertz, the result of the impact will be extensive brain hemorrhage. The power plant of the radiator is the nuclear reactor of the nuclear submarine of the PRC project 094, the system for setting up the infrasonic zone by nuclear reactors of two nuclear submarines has linear dimensions of 1500 km along the length and width of 500 km in the impact zone and airspace. This system of China, not even for the destruction of US aircraft carriers, it devalued the impact aircraft carriers of the United States to the level of floating coffins.

  23. Dej Chung says:

    I have nuttin against america but war is wrong why does every american president has to kill millions of people right now we have no big human casualties in north korea or america but if u start a war millions will be killed ,u cant say your saving people by killing millions of people what about the people in seoul who will be killed who have nuttin to do wit this situation if u really cared about human live u wud never start a war like this its plain and simple how can u kill millions of people in the name of peace ,how did people become so ignorant these days its amazing no one should tell other people how to run there country we have different ways of living,religion etc

  24. V Raja says:

    USA neglecting to negotiation with nk they want war.usa is nt trying for options to solve the issue diplomatically . USA have the more nukes u people involved unnecessarily in other countries issue u people attack brutally with ur army …u people threaten the world with ur army for ur selfish gains .

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