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Breaking News LIVE: US State Department URGENT Press Briefing Regarding North Korea , Kim Jong

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  1. Jeff Thayer says:


  2. OH Yeh! says:

    MAGA ??

  3. brian stuart says:

    they can't change the subject fast enough from terrorism to North Korea oh yeah they've already got caught with there pants down in Vegas Yep they're pretty confused they don't know what to go with any more American people ain't taking it and ain't believe in it

  4. WatchingTheLeftCannibalizeThemselves says:

    They are going to bring in more incompatible refugees.

  5. Deano Moore says:

    Bad news is great from a lady trumps good ?

  6. Tom Ford says:

    Raise the volume a bit next time please.

  7. Tom Hill says:

    simple take care of the American people.

  8. Robert Young says:

    Is that jerk the only reporter in the room? The others should complain about the jerk dominating the briefing. Cowards!!!

  9. Paulo Eduardo says:

    Always smiling, always gorgeous, always nice and polite. Always THE BEST, I love her! Couldn't be any other in her place!

  10. Bruce Snell says:

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