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Breaking News – China Worries Amid U.S. And North Korea Talk Preparation

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  1. It is Time says:

    They should agree to start the war…

  2. II-BadSport Vulture-II says:

    China what are you doing I have an iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB Gold made in China ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ And Iโ€™m going to buy a sex doll I beautiful Chinese girl made in China stop messing with America or I wonโ€™t buy anymore Chyna sex dolls ha ha ha ha ha ha Iโ€™m just joking everyone just trolling

  3. Bilal Shoukat says:

    After n korea these have to solve the afghan problem also by talking for peace ..

  4. Tom Petrou says:

    Maybe North Korea has realised China has been playing them as stooges. China is a bigger threat to North Korea than the US ever was..

  5. ThatFlyGuy says:

    I think people fail to realize what makes the US a super power. Its not just military its our economy and infrastructure the US has modernized infrastructure and roads everywhere in the nation. Russia and China are no where near this kind of internal control so what makes you think they can run the WORLD like the US. Most modern countries have the US to thank fir the handouts SOUTH KOREA, MOST OF EUROPE, JAPAN. This is why we dont care about debt because in reality the world still owes us.

  6. Amadou Bojang says:

    God bless north Korea

  7. Bison Days says:


  8. mary jugado says:

    Love your enemy!

  9. Deborah Cifelli says:

    They met already in the Forbidden City, when Trump was in China. DEAL already made, that's why Kim's testing stopped. Posts # 765 on 02.15.18 & post # 865 on 03.06.18 say "watch the water". In the photo of 03.06.18 4 Asians & Kim show sunset. 3 suns can be seen reflecting on the water! Kim's hands are behind his back! Literally or figuratively "handcuffed", probably being forced to meet! Announcement show be made soon ready Nibiru! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. Jazz 6703 says:

    North Korea has lot welths great plains of Chinese stealing north Korea wealth many year's china blocking north Korea south korea unity china is real hepocrazy selfish

  11. Brian Kaz says:

    For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

  12. eric hoesein says:

    these 2 are busy with each other for a while now they should be good friends. they are one as the same kind.

  13. Richardson Godyear says:

    I'm not a fan of Trump, but if he can pull this off and no war. He can go down in History as a great President. Like J.F.K ,RONALD W. RAGAN.. I HOPE HE WILL FLY IN TO THE NORTH WITH AIR FORCE 1. U.S.A…….

  14. Stephen Hamblen says:

    How funny would it be if KJU and Trump got on like a house on fire?? How angry would China be??? I'd laugh my head off if that happens…

  15. Avitar Magnus says:

    Since China and Russia are uselessssss (they have let the world down) at diplomacy as demonstrated and their greed for trade will not have them stop NK bullshit the west has to be assertive and as usual be the heros to meet to dissolve tension and solve this nk threat once and for all!!! Ou Christian built world will continue and if not will be destroyed and rebuilt CHristian world !!!WHY because God and Christ detest anything else as they own it all wether you like it or not PERIOD!!!!

  16. Kevin McCue says:

    Look, China has no reason to be in talks with Trump and Kim. And has no reason to fear a unified Korea. Yes, the US will be at China's boarder, not as an aggressor but to see that China stays within it's boarders.

  17. Larry Betancourt says:

    hey lying Manchurian candidate trump we'll say anything or do anything even start a war to keep his family out of prison. just caught on tape lying to Canada how can anybody in the world trust America with this cockroach in the White House. bought and paid for by Putin corruption collusion impeach impeach I'm not Democratic but damn Obama was better with all the gays

  18. old school 44 says:

    Why don't they have the meeting in Florida ,Trump has a very nice home there,and you know. Everybody loves Disney Land.People we need to Calm down,enjoy the Sun and have some fun, put the nukes back in the toy box…

  19. MattDollars says:

    U mad he got a bomb that can destroy a bus or disable a convoy?

  20. Pamila Cothran says:

    they are worried because they know Trump is known to say stupid stuff he is a idiot these people are a sensitive race of people you know save face and all one wrong word from Trump can start ww3 like when he called the Indian women Pocahontas I don't Trump to do such and important talk someone talk for him please

  21. rayt says:

    nk just wants both sides fighting whose going to give him free food,oil , technology and obama phone.

  22. JOSH van says:

    North Korea grows opium. The US loves pain killers, I wonder

  23. Vincento says:

    Kim Jong Un might just shock the world and completely denuclearise. He'll want amnesty and security for himself and his family and in return he'll appointment a Prime Minister and look to merge both Koreas. Why not.

  24. Lucky C says:

    Bullshit. China and NK are like brothers. China has more cred then President Coward Trump

  25. Michael Hood says:

    I Think there is Big Business
    Deals to be made with North
    Korea on many things that
    would benefit both countries
    making North Korea the Center of Big Trade Deals
    that could Solve Both of our

  26. Bear Bonez says:

    All that money cant buy u a hair cut !!!!

  27. Jr tortellini says:

    When democrats sell out the USA like.planned China will.control the world. We will be worker bees and getting paid with food for our work. They must rid guns first step . Cannot have fighting citizens so guns must go then total starvation the our leaders will promise that China will save us. TRUMP can only hold it off so long. It will happen and was so close that hillary was the one to nail the coffin. We are in for a hell of a ride. Hold your guns but government will get them soon enough. Sorry but it's a must

  28. Examiner Yu says:

    China is suppressing progress in north korea so that nk will be a good follower of china. Without wealth and tech, nk will always be a follower.

  29. Kumistheru Silva says:

    China betrayed their ally NK and put sanctions against NK people bow to US pressure. This is what China gets when they betrayed their allies..

  30. Aiden Fyfe says:

    America! Are u dumb wait not America I mean trump! Use a flipping F-4 Phantom and a North American X-15

  31. Aiden Fyfe says:

    Or just release a new plane and make it the worlds fastest

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