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Breaking News – A Failed Talk With N.Korea Will Push U.S. To Ugly Second Phase

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  1. Everton Mclean says:

    North Korean leader is a young man who will have to try and learn about what is right way to do the job no one should be calling him a rocket man or any out of order name , anyone would react to such rude behavior when another president addresses you in such a manner

  2. Thomas McGillivray says:

    They only way these talks can work & be successful is if people are positive….lets wait & see how things go….then if they don't work have another look at things then?

  3. Joe Blogs says:

    North Korea are not going to go to all that effort to get nuclear weapons,just to give them up 🤔

  4. mahdi mahamad says:

    We know that before never never and never

  5. rolocore says:

    Also i dont think the world is ready for war. right now they are fighting nature or westling with their gods creation.

  6. Margo Dixon Jr. says:

    Why keep focusing on the negatives and push for positives. The media always feeds off negativity snd its evident with all these negstive outcomes.

  7. fortulah efuzi says:

    the time North Korea could surrender is long gone!!!

  8. Sly Cargo says:

    America will not only get fucked up if they yet invade another country, but they will probably put the entire world in danger. You couldn’t win the original Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq, and now you want to destroy the gate to the most populous and militarily powerful Nation next to the US. Trump will destroy your nation if he is allowed to start this stupid war. NK will never give up the only thing stopping US tanks from rolling in now. You either live with a nuclear NK and stay out of the unification or you destroy yourself and probably the rest of the world too.

  9. hllboi817 says:

    Did they seriously parade around like wannabe badasses in t-34s?

  10. hllboi817 says:

    I guarantee u kims gonna want humanitarian aid and sanctions cut in return for denuclearizing…but in the meantime hell just take what we give him and build up his nuclear arsenal anyway…all hes doing is stalling for time to perfect his missile tech, his father pulled the same shit in the 90's-00's

  11. Sp 19 says:

    It already failed before the talk started. Kim has all components to build nuke! That is why he is welling to talk. If trump negotiated that is not a wise move. President Trump gives North Korea’s time they will collapse by themselves. This take times.

  12. HoverBasic says:

    America is just begging to get nuked!!!

  13. David Greve says:

    If North Korea does the real stupid and go to war against the USA and South Korea, regardless of the outcome of these talks, It Will Be Ugly for Them. North Korea is fixing to get hurt like never before!!!

  14. Mike Westcott says:

    china rusha north karea paper tagers USA spends close to a trillon dollers that we know of on war no one comes close put together come on they would all fall prety fast

  15. El Guapo says:

    We need to find a new planet ASAP! Got a bad feeling things are going to get pretty bad. Leave all the Turds behind that want to rule the world behind. We do not need their evil ways polluting it.

  16. Richard Johnson says:

    Said it 12 times or so do it now attack

  17. Johnny Utah says:

    NK have literally starved their own people, spent every dollar of nukes and research, do people really think they will give it up know?

  18. Gnosis Essene says:

    yes, make it very ugly !
    time is running out.

  19. Vodka Times says:

    USA soldiers are dogs obeying there commanders orders for their own interests. Let other countries develop

  20. Mark Calhoun says:

    Talks with north Korea should be held in Broome WA trump likes Broome he was there in 2006 and so was kym and his dad putin should be there as well you three guys need to talk the global problems out lm puting faith in you dont let me down

  21. John Wolf says:

    Stall tactics.. But we need a war anyway…toughen up the snowflakes

  22. FireFly says:

    The ONLY Good North Korean is a DEAD 1

  23. Stuart Lee says:

    The reason why it's so important to the us to strip north Korea of all its missiles, is because they know that war with China and Russia in the next 5 to 10 years is highly likely!!

  24. Richard Beaudet says:

    How can you ever have peace when you your self are guilty of multiplying the sins of hatred into your own country of deceit lies and corruption although your history America should have never been discover and left it to the Indian who respected the land and animals that God provided for the benefit of man food shelter and clothing it’s not what we have today you have succeeded in poisoning’s the minds of the people done more to harming the ocean air and waters and subject to slavery by the money 💵 traders of the evil that existed in Jesus day and nothing has changed since then Don’t think I come to bring you peace but a sword ⚔️ so go ahead and hate your brother and your sister it’s an old script that being repeated over and over again it doesn’t surprise me anymore exercises in futility what good are talks when history has been proven is a stalled tactic and wars are inevitable will come it’s just a matter of time to hell with the human race because we’re failures in the word Loved we only know how to hate one another greed lust and lovers of the self we have the capacity to destroy humanity and the world 🗺 the very gifts that God has Bless you with you have shown disdained and disrespect at your own peril you have chosen your way to Hell and cause your own suffering and can not blame God because He knows your heart 💜 you are sinful with false pride with no admittance of sins until that day happens when you recognize your own self deception you will continue to support sins so behold you cannot deny your self in front of our Lord Jesus Christ ✝️✝️✝️🙏😉💕👀✅

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