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BREAKING: Mattis Issues Terrifying N. Korea Warning, Please Pray

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  1. Joan Melnick says:

    Another 'warning'…this is tiresome & boring. Of course, the msm eats it up.

  2. Mr Jamaican says:

    ????please no war , let’s all promote peace

  3. Jesse V says:

    If mattis side this , why use a computer voice . show the video of him saying that. FAKE NEWS.

  4. Jaime Saldarriaga says:

    In this specific issue, China is not with North Korea.

  5. Billy McAuliffe says:

    America won't do shit untill an Allie goes in first

  6. rtazman2004 says:

    Thank God President Trump And The First Lady Took Office And Are Vice President And Vice First Lady Took Office Amen.

  7. Fatman Dad says:

    mattis is scared dog .trump is new hitler hes has brother in israel called netanyahu the executer of muslims

  8. Fatman Dad says:

    mad dog scared mattis can you retire your face is all sagging your eye bags are getting bigger by the day .you are scared mad god mattis who is a pussy coward with a decomposed face

  9. Fatman Dad says:

    usa cant fight they have jewish fighter who have no heart to fight

  10. Fatman Dad says:

    usa kims gonna bum you

  11. Fatman Dad says:

    fuck usa talk about muslims

  12. Fatman Dad says:

    usa cant fight there scared war mongers who run when they get hit

  13. Fatman Dad says:

    usa bullshit fighters

  14. Fatman Dad says:

    usa armies are cowards

  15. Fatman Dad says:

    look at scared dog mattis face he looks scared of north korea he looks mental needs depression tablets he looks like a peadophile mattis

  16. Fatman Dad says:

    usa are stuck they dont no how to get out of the mess the usa cause in north koreas door step

  17. Fatman Dad says:

    usa go home stop showing of war planes that kim gonna shoot down

  18. Fatman Dad says:

    usa are bluffing kims not bluffing hes serious

  19. Fatman Dad says:

    sad gog mattis

  20. Fatman Dad says:

    mattis going to die with depression hitler trump mattis is dying he doesnt want to fight you can tell by his face hes scared dog mattis

  21. Fatman Dad says:

    hitler trump can you get scared dog mattis to have his scared face ironed out hes giving away to kim hes scared of kim because usa dont no what suprises kim has for usa

  22. Fatman Dad says:

    scared dog mattis kim gonna batter you

  23. Fatman Dad says:

    kims brave

  24. Fatman Dad says:

    hitler trump mattis has had a nervous break down you can tell by mattis is scared lookijg at the floor hes lost in his head

  25. Fatman Dad says:

    if mattis was brave and hard hed smile mattis got face like pigs back side

  26. Fatman Dad says:

    please ignore msttis face hes scared of kim

  27. Jubber Ronnie says:

    Preesh Pray …. Robot

  28. Beverly Kennedy says:

    Well Billy McAuliffe,most Williams I've come into contact with are a bit nutty ! Seems like you are no exception! Maybe the idiots of China did misshape a baby's head by boarding and wrapping but how do you think Tut got his elongated cranium Mother sent it off to China maybe? I don't think so! As for fat boy Kim he would look better with no head .But then I wouldn't want to upset little Billy now would I?????

  29. Beverly Kennedy says:

    After thought ,I'd say this uneducated ( twat) has spotted a real ( DICK ) when it comes to you Sir Billy Mc Auliffe!

  30. Fatman Dad says:

    mattis and trump you making kim cornered he going to nuke usa and allies thats good because you on north korea doorstep with you aircraft carriers. if kim nukes you good your asking for it you fucked with wrong man whose nukes are on launch pads while you tell world all options on table

  31. Fatman Dad says:

    mattis can you tell trump not to go to south korea because ehen kim nukes trump his wig gonna fly of his head and koreans will think dunkan goodview is here and all the nits in trumps wig will die of radiation

  32. Fatman Dad says:

    trumps not going alone to south korea trumps taking million nits in his wig as back up in case kim nukes trump

  33. Fatman Dad says:

    when kim hukes trump his nits in his wig will radio to say man down we need 10chinooks to save all the nits from radition

  34. Fatman Dad says:

    kim dont nuke trump in south korea trumps nits will die with radition in his wig

  35. Fatman Dad says:

    when kim nukes trump in south korea theyll need aircraft carrier to bring back all nits that have died with radiation back to usa for burial with military honours

  36. Fatman Dad says:

    mattis can you tell trump not to go to south korea because when kim nukes trump hes wig gonna go flying to japan and all the nits will drown in sea of japan

  37. Fatman Dad says:

    mattis you got ugly face was your mum russain

  38. Fatman Dad says:

    trump you divorced ivan because she hid your wig

  39. Fatman Dad says:

    trump do you want to play golf with kim because when kim hits the ball trumps wig going in 18th hole

  40. Fatman Dad says:

    trump when you wash your wigs dont animal right protester knock on your door because you killed a million nits in you wig. do you dry your wig and then glue it to your disabled brain

  41. GARY MCCANN says:

    the fat pervert needs to die for murdering his citizens, kidnapping people from around the country, selling arms to terrorist etc. The world will be a better off without the little pervert.

    The announcer is a moron too.

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