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  1. Sharon Hutch says:

    I do see high heels I believe she fell

  2. Dragon Girl says:

    I think Hillary is getting mentally ill!!!

  3. Clear News says:

    Smoke screen distraction. Too much against her. Amazing anyone at all would listen to her.

  4. Indominus MGTOW says:

    To bad it didn't permanently retire the bitch

  5. John Ferguson says:

    Hillary is irrelevant. Stop paying attention and she will faid away. GOTCHA!!!

  6. Doug Haak says:

    This hag is the female version of Monty Burns on The Simpsons. What a loser.

  7. robert hiatt says:

    She went boom boom

  8. Jenny Horbol says:

    She does not wear heald

  9. Christy Alvarado says:

    AAaaaahh…. Warm Fuzzies…. Too bad she didn't break her neck….

  10. Vera Carson says:

    I'm surprised she's not blaming us deplorables for her fall.

  11. Virtuous Woman says:

    Karma has no menu you get served what you deserve hillary ?

  12. Rick Williamson says:

    Please oh please let this lead to an Obituary.

  13. Cynthia Soroka says:

    God's Justice will prevail! _ When a person mixes booze with drugs, dabble in the DARKER SIDE of Witchcraft. Sooner or later TIME COMES to PAY the Devil's DUES! THE ONE THING SHE WANTED ALL HER LIFE _ SHE WILL NEVER GET! The Power of Presidency IN THE WHIITE HOUSE! (Remember that Debate w/Trump when she verbally described the steps to be taken to launch a Nuclear War Head? It was HER mental & emotional MOMENT of SUPREME POWER of DESTRUCTION!) THAT GAVE ME THE CREEPS

  14. Leah O'Keefe says:

    Is there any possibility that she could die from her injuries? Otherwise not important

  15. Sherry Crandell says:

    Another stunt- distraction. She knows Julian Assange is about to blow her out of the water. She doesn't want to get caught off guard without her notebook of excuses on live TV….

  16. Lora Leigh says:

    Funny! This didn't happen.

  17. John Robinson says:

    TRUMP and Putin snuck up on her and tripped her.

  18. rotokid says:

    Lets hope an employee at the hospital hears her ask for assisted suicide (because the pain of losing the election is too great to bear) and the employee assists her.

  19. Dakota says:

    Don't be too quick to gobble this story as TRUTH. With her foundation fraud and under fire she had to have an excuse to bow out of the scheduled interviews and rush home to command the crew and daughter on what to say and cover up. I would bet its a fake cast. I have broke toes many times and they do not cast the whole foot. Money buys you a fake cast. Good try Hillary

  20. Ron Gandee says:

    Hopefully she broke her neck!!

  21. Brian Ketterer says:

    It's a shame it wasn't her neck.

  22. Annette - says:

    I hope her treatment is NOT FREE from NHS.!!

  23. Annette - says:

    Obviously she was thinking about Huckabee and went weak at the knees lol

  24. Jus- Sayin says:

    She's a known drunk

  25. star57man says:

    This is a TOE tal distraction

  26. naxel37 says:

    Hillary fell and broke some bones. God has spoken.

  27. Liz Johnson says:

    Book ain't selling to well, that's an excuse from the book tours, the crook need to put the bottle down

  28. Pamela L says:

    This Hillary Clinton is a freaking joke I have no sympathy for this old dirtbag after all the murders she ordered and all the federal laws she broke and all the covering up she tried to do. Let's not forget she didn't do this all alone she also had the Obama's administration and a bunch of other crooked lobbyist and Democrats involved in her little schemes. He also had Witnesses murdered by her daddy's Mafia Hitman. It's kind of funny that all the witnesses end up dead that were going to testify against her and all her little sidekicks

  29. Patrick C says:

    How could Killary break her toe since she has a cloven hoff (the sign of STAN, the DEVIL, the EVIL ONE!).

  30. weng demesa says:

    Too bad she didn't fall down 100 stories of stairs

  31. Integrity Truth-seeker says:

    Does a zebra change its stripes? She still lying

  32. Shelly Filippi says:

    I don't think we'll be that lucky
    She is a puppeteer for Satan

  33. Beverly Lyle says:

    Can you imagine what she is like as a patient???

  34. my Kirk says:

    Fuck her life

  35. Laleesh Pleetu says:

    She didn't fall; they threw that big sack of potatoes down the stairs!

  36. Vicky Weiland says:

    "Running" upstairs? hahaha! She moves as slow as any other 95 year old I've ever seen.

  37. Lori Urias says:

    They don't do anything for a broken toe. She had to have broken something else!

  38. Mary Anne Selvey says:

    They will just use a clone if she is unavailable!!

  39. Mike Harper says:

    she has mad cow diease

  40. Jeanne Stjohn says:

    Top Criminal polititions use fake health problems to make people feel sorry for them, so maybe she is getting ready for her birthday surprise from Julian Assuage! Just in case it's really bad news! For years Bill has been dying of Aids, McCain has brain tumors, Polosi has senior moments, Mad Max, well, is Mad! Everyone can relate to health problem, so it makes them appear to be human, which is a lie! They are demons! They don't have human health problems, only kuru!

  41. Ricardo Marquez says:

    I hope she gets better so she can run on the 2020 election and loose again so she can publish a new book called: What Happen Again?

  42. Phan Pon says:

    Crocked Hillary deserves what she say and dies. She belongs in jail.

  43. Debbie Bassett says:

    Dang, I was hoping you would say she broke her neck!!!

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