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BREAKING: Hillary Rushed To Hospital After Suffering HUMILIATING ‘Accident’ In Public And It’s BAD

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  1. Ilona Jones says:

    Though I don't care for her views, I still want to wish her the best.

  2. Mihai Ciubotaru says:

    Was that fall caused by Serbian snipers??

  3. Harvey Smith says:


  4. Jeff Mauris says:

    Hey Hillary what difference does it make, well the way I see it could be the difference between 10and20 yrs behind bars depending on who has the balls to prosecute
    Who is gonna point their finger 1st. you or bill

  5. Rust M says:

    Fuck this liar bitch!!good for her!!

  6. theback buddy says:

    This woman, whether you like her or not, is being persecuted with electronic harassment. Did not like her politics, but she does not deserve constant sneak attacks by smarta##es with directed energy devices

  7. Ruby Daugherty says:

    So stupid. What a mean presentation and a lie.

  8. D. Martin says:

    What an idiotic video. People will say and do anything for attention on a video. This is trash.

  9. Vanessa Darnell says:

    I don't know how this channel got all my you too but I know that you're nothing but damn liars and I wish you would take your f**** Channel off and eat Donald Trump's dick

  10. Tess says:

    Nobody made her look bad. She is bad. Narcissists dont know theyre awful people and so they blame instead of taking responsibility.

  11. Charly Brown says:

    Time to retire permanently Hillary.

  12. Rev Robert Martin says:

    She's showing signs of Alzheimer's I Bet!! As an RN, yes….she is really off her rocking chair and becomming a Nutter!!

  13. Rev Robert Martin says:

    best yet? She's a few french fries short of a happy meal!!!!

  14. Laura l says:

    praying for her demise

  15. Gail Johnston says:

    It was Trumps fault, right? She was probably drunk.
    Who goes to the hospital for a broken toe?

  16. Rick Jensen says:

    Fake news!!!!!!!

  17. john jones says:

    die you lying fucking bitch

  18. J S says:

    Stop, this nonsense. The woman went to the hospital. Even Hillary, needs to be treated, as a human being. STOP!!! PLEASE!!! I cannot believe why people are making such an issue of her accidents. Calling her a drunk, a klux. Geez, what kind of people are we becoming? Give it a rest!!

  19. Patricia M. Kimbrell says:

    Broke her toe??? Seriously? That's it??? Much ado about nothing…smh. F-ing clickbait!!!

  20. partyguy35 says:

    Defamation at best! I pray she sues your ass off!

  21. Trena Oelschlager says:

    IF ONLY she weren't intellectually vacant……………..she would go away and have some dignity and class!

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