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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Has Just Been Injured During Her Book Tour!!!

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  1. MercifulYAH says:

    Jezebellary = Black turd stinkin' in the dead of niiiiiight!

  2. tuck the fitans g says:

    why do you have Anti gun commercial. time to boycott your channel

  3. Tom Boblett says:

    You attract a real sad bunch of dicks to your videos.

  4. Barbara Wasilak says:

    How f*** pathetic one can be????!!! hiLIARy: GO AWAY!!! Vanish, DISAPPEAR!!!!

  5. Larry M. says:

    She slipped and fell on a wet cigar? Sorry Bill, had to say it.

  6. LoveIsBrave says:


  7. cookie cruncher 1 says:

    Fake fall

  8. Katherine Richards says:

    Who ever got such a cast for a toe? They don't cast broken toes, they need to lie better, maybe say foot bone or ankle.

  9. Denise Baker says:

    lol,,,,, she is one sick old hag,,

  10. ironwork92000 says:

    Nah… She didn't break shit. She has an ankle bracelet on

  11. Buggy Bastard says:

    on kilLIARy book O lies tour, in the UK, her 1st live interview she was owened and completely humiliated by the aggressive reporter, as all reporters in the U.K. He didn't hold anything back and tore her a new azzhole. There was no way in hell she was doing another U.K. Interview, because they are so aggressive and don't care who they humiliate they want the truth, so kilLIARy conveniently broke her toe !!!

  12. 2phalanges says:

    bitch is hiding her ankle bracelet. shes going to jail forever soon.

  13. jane25449 says:

    How do you fall down stairs backwards? Could it be disguising a house arrest monitor, oh please Lord, make it so!

  14. Wake up ALREADY says:

    She's under house arrest like McCain

  15. RECKLESS DEEP says:

    This is a lie Hillary Clinton John McCain and he Hillarys daughter are out on bail they are wearing tags ankle bracelets get it right

  16. friendinspirit says:

    Boot is to cover up a GPS ankle bracelet, she is being tracked before imprisonment.

  17. Anna in Vermont U.S.A says:

    She is wearing a ankle bracelet. So is John McCain and others I'm sure.

  18. gumby spoke says:

    Funny thing podesta and McCain are also wearing the same anklebracelet cover.all on the same weekend!!! Hmmmm house arrest for all three??? MAGA!!!!

  19. PKay Stamps says:

    Lol i broke my toe…er said oh well go home nothing can be done lol chick got the "boot to ground her from taking flight" aka ARRESTED!! Funny McCain and 1 podesta has the same boot style on the same leg. Chicken John Podesta is on house arrest…

  20. Dawson Boyle says:

    She can't balance right with those kankles lol

  21. J White says:

    Her Running sounds like a far fetched lie to me .then in High heals ..ya ok … she couldn't even stand during the 2016

  22. Karen Romanik says:

    Hold on, hold on! I am at 2.20. She UNDERWENT an X-ray. I can't believe she had to undergo such a thing. How dreadful for her.
    Lol Lol…. Matching boo boo's with John McCain. About time!!!

  23. Kevin Shinduke says:

    amazing Hillary Chelsea and McCain all had same accident at same time

  24. G LF says:

    Her big toe then it was a brain injury

  25. THarrison004 says:

    McCain hurt his leg and now Hilary hurt her leg to bad they both didn't break their F..King necks,and their both being investigated,their both so damn corrupt it's sickening.

  26. Maria Alvarado says:

    Running down the stairs with coffee? She has trouble walking as it.

  27. Iam Hudsdent says:

    She collapsed again, like she at the 911 memorial. She's got some kind of disorder, maybe neurological. The GPS theory regarding an ankle bracelet as if under arrest is stupid. She hasn't been arrested. Too many gullible people out there.

  28. RaZoR ShArP says:

    She ran down stairs??? Yeah rite!!!! She probably fell taking baby steps in the nursing home or ICU

  29. Sean Powell says:

    She has a ankle bracelet how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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