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BREAKING: FBI Issues Shock Trump Message, Media Stunned

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  1. earnest macnald says:

    When you cannot proof with evidence is as goog as fake news !!!

  2. Betty Owens says:

    Obama campaign for welfare people get there food stamp section eight if you vote or listen to Obama's you are feeding welfare people we the people are putting sorry butt dead beat on welfare in stead of work work work Obama not welfare jobs jobs jobs Obama.

  3. Barry Harkins says:

    Hahaha Democrats going down

  4. Raymond Pumphrey says:

    I love how every attempt​ to impeach trump comes out false. Unlike hillary and obama who should be the guest of honor at an old fashion neck tie party. Keep bill because without hillary he can throw one hell of a smoke jazz session

  5. Ignez Maciel says:


  6. vikingcorey69 says:

    Soo I can only assume that all the elected officials and who said that we have evidence from all 17 Intel. Tha5 PRESIDENT TRUMP colluded with the Russian government was a BIG FAT LIE. Soo they could tear this country in two just to try and hide their treasonous criminal activity. Too PRISON WITH THEM ALL.

  7. flofancy1 says:

    You can keep telling lies it won't change the truth.

  8. Carol Rompca says:

    Adam Schiff is a Snake they live in the swamp with the rest of the Scum

  9. tracey born says:

    show me the statute on collusion there is none but this was all a lie a federal offense

  10. Wanda Helmer says:

    This investigation is smoke and mirrors it's the dems trying to keep the spot light off of their own crimes, hang those traitors…….

  11. namie schowgurow says:

    im thinking all the lies r keeping us from real truth.

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