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Bolton visiting Moscow to discuss potential Trump-Putin meeting

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  1. Tom Xavier says:

    Both are greedy thieving liars. Putin the fake President who holds fake elections against fake candidates whilst stealing 400 BILLION dollars from the Russian people….
    Trump the brainless greedy liar who cannot tell the truth..ever.

  2. Coouge says:

    Ramsey Bolton? The North? Winter is coming!

  3. JoeHarryScarey says:

    Someone take advantage of this situation, the War Monger will be out in the open

  4. H Rational says:

    Put that Bolton into a Straightjacket.

  5. Purr Cat says:

    The mustache of murder makes a malevolent mim against Moscow. Mim

  6. AmR696 says:

    Expect lies.

  7. Mark Johnson says:

    Unless Putin can keep the cancer known as USA democrats in thier place the dems won't allow TRUMP to meet PUTIN 4 peace and prosperity.

  8. Green Onions says:

    What "allies" it's obviously Obama and his band of idiots versus the whole world.

  9. Immaculate Heart says:

    If these two men truly fear God and love their countries. Then they should work together to destroy the NWO which is Luciferians sect anyway. They can bring back humanity to Christ and have peace and prosperity for all nations under KINGSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST.

  10. Maza675 says:

    In what deranged mind could Russia and US talking and being on good terms be considered a bad thing?

  11. Petra josip says:

    Goddamn Bolton, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Kim il Jong!

  12. James Levara says:


  13. 408Magenta says:

    Bolton going to Russia. It's the World Cup, it's not time to stink up the country. Tell Bolton to take two aspirins and call the world in three weeks' time.

  14. Cris Yorke says:

    The communist EUSSR don't want President Trump to handle Russia. They want Putin to go unchecked and free range with his rogue policies on Iran, North Korea and European politics.

  15. courierdude says:

    When will the stupid murican sheeple realise that it is their media and their financiers that are the real enemy, not Russia.

  16. Paul Cameron says:

    Meanwhile US bombs Syrian troops to protect ISIS; al-qaeda terrorists in southern Syria:

  17. miao yx says:


  18. Shub Haba says:

    Bolton another schlomo schlong slurping gentile

  19. Phil Aumaine says:

    How many whores does it take to pee on Bolton in a bed?

  20. Comanche Straight blade says:

    These two are the true boss of bosses!

  21. Stop Israel's Genocide says:

    The Bolton jerk is visiting Moscow, in order to get the piss tapes.


    Putin should not talk to terrorist

  23. Auttie B says:

    Respects from South Africa. President Trump and Putin saving Christianity

  24. Algolxxxxxx says:

    Butcher of Iraq in town.

  25. Rubin Schmidt says:

    Fake News RT.Fake News RT … The U.S.'s "Shadow Government", the Council on Foreign Relations reinstated the ENTIRE Nazi system, starting in the late 1940's, to Europe.
    Heres some starters for your team of "investigative journalists.
    Hitler's Intelligence Chief EAST, Majorgeneral Reinhard Gehlen. CIA Gehlen Org. .
    The new Dep. Chief of Staff U.S. Army Operations, Waffen S.S. Brigadefuhrer Fritz Gustave Kraemer, Heinz Kissinger's inspiration.
    Hitler's Europaischen Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft, est. 1942, the European Economic Community . !!!
    John Bolton is a rampert Neo-Con, (Neo-Nazi). He is the Commander in Chief's Foreign Ambassador, not Donald's Peace Ambassor to Israel. COME ON "russia TODAY" ???

  26. Bartholomew Horatio Brunel says:

    Charity Aid Sex with Orphans. Aid workers from the charity Medecins Sans Frontiers have been exposed as paying for sex with orphans,  a practice widespread in Africa,  leaked files claimed to day, witnesses  had stated it was so easy to barter medications in return for sex, the girls in Liberia were very easy meat, other workers claimed they had seen staff bringing back girls for lots of sex, she said these girls were extremely young, MSF confirmed it had sacked 19 staff members.

  27. America First says:

    Russia didn't meddle in the US elections. The only people meddling to effect the outcome was the US FBI, DOJ both teamed with the fake news corrupt media. Although the American media wants to ignore these facts the trust people have in these institutions is tarnished.

  28. Иван Грозный says:

    The most powerful man in the world the president United States, and the leader of the third world Russia. hopefully president Trump will fall through with his promise to help the sales Russian economy which its currency losing 60% average wages down below to $300 us a month and the poverty line out $171..

    President Trump's already helped save numerous Russian in our ongoing civil war with Chechen separatist from the northern caucuses with mubtable planing attacks planed in St Petersburg last year.

  29. Brrr Rbbb says:

    God bless mother Russia!!! Satan has USA allready under his command.

  30. Erricka Banks says:

    Watch "The Truth About Benjamin Netanyahu's Anti-Iranian Propaganda" on YouTube

  31. Sunshine says:

    Israel and USA along with criminal allies will NEVER, EVER GET THEIR DIRTY, FILLTHY HANDS ON IRAQ, SYRIA, LEBONAN, IRAN, EYGEPT, YEMAN,……never, dream on Zionist, it I end of you criminals. The world is rising up against your crimes against humanity. Syria and Iraqi should respond harshly and firmly.

  32. Leonie Gureghian says:

    IF I were Mr. Putin, I would categorically refuse to be meeting with that traitorous, warmonger, terrorist, criminal lying bastard called bolton … Russia should NOT let him set foot on her soils …

  33. Marilee Denr says:

    Propaganda..Soros spent millions..

  34. Digvijay Parmar says:


  35. Sameeran says:


  36. Adonis Valamontes says:

    The stach… from Russia with Love!

  37. Rocky Fjord says:

    Put Zhirinovsky in room with Bolty, barr the door for a few hours, till Bolty receives the proper orientation!

  38. Harshamoy Mukherjee says:

    Iran shake off your hypocracy declare if need be you will defend your country with nuclear counter attack. Take note that people like Boltons are at the helm in America.

  39. ejkim46 says:

    twitter…..IKSOOKIMHS…….Why is NSA John Bolton going to visit Russia instead of the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ?????…..It seems that is totally out of place!!!……Pres.Trump thinks now that the N.Korean case is the most important !!!….so Mike Pompeo should go to meet NK.Kim Jong-Un as soon as possible…… to accelerate to let NK.Kim show on the visible action of the Singapore summit to the US !!!……At the start, the Singapore summit meeting should have been negotiated under the leadership of John Bolton who has experienced and skilled a lot more on N.Korean denuclearization talks for a long time of NK.Kim royal 3 generations ….than Mike Pompeo !!!…….

  40. Titina de Cassovia says:

    President Putin allegedly asked Prime-minister Kurz to organize the US-RF summit in Vienna.

  41. R l says:

    Bolton sells fried Chicken and does deep fried cities.

  42. dan cesse says:

    Trump said Putin is a leader, cause his a billionaire who takes care of his country.

  43. Daniel Panczyk says:

    They are growing desperate Adrenochrome supply running dry re border wall and pedos arrest and public awareness we are winning
    God bless POTUS and his family

  44. The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band says:

    Now that the meetings in America have reaped its pro-Russian benefits, this next round of meetings with Trump's lord and master, Vladimir Putin, will seal the deal in the handing over of the reigns of America to the Russians. Trump will be a trillionaire by the time it's all over.

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