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boku no hero academia season 3 Episode 5 | Preview

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  1. [ら民]百合大好き says:


  2. KeethKon says:

    Where are those onion ninjas coming from? I feel sweat through my eyes.

  3. Rion Sealtiel Garcia says:

    1 000 000 % !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Techon says:

    Mido riya going DragonBall mode

  5. ホラー君 says:


  6. Chuy 3vo says:

    Why does izuku look so much like dabi

  7. Gabriel Barsch says:

    0:52 BOKU NO

  8. Dat Boi says:


  9. Harry Pjotr says:

    Hi. What masterpiece is this?

  10. 小森ユイ says:


  11. 浅野泰弘 says:


  12. 橘茜 says:

    僕の ヒーロー…!!!!!

  13. JoefishTheGreat says:

    Well, I got clickbaited

  14. テリー says:


  15. Bryan Perez says:

    I think everyone forgets the way 1 for all works. It gets stronger as is gets passed down. So Dekus stronger than all might if he goes full 100 percent. As for the broken arm 1 shot… this is anime for fucks sake what do you expect?

  16. Calcifer34 says:

    Welp Izuku is gunna need more surgery on his arm after that attack

  17. Art&more Eden says:


  18. Eddie Ryan says:

    … right in the face he should be dead

  19. uchiha RGC says:

    I wonder who was being killed by the mummy…can somebody tell me?

  20. Lapine DZ says:

    preview ost ?

  21. Blundel03 says:

    What’s the tune???

  22. it's me says:

    Is this episode going to feature Tokoyami going berserk…???

  23. Dexter Dioneda says:

    I hate how my friend criticizes this anime because he doesn't care about the story. I also hate how he's too perceptive for example how can something go beyond 100%

  24. That one guy says:


  25. Mr.Bailey says:

    YES!!!! More from class B

  26. すばる says:



  27. jaydaber tubr316 says:

    I'm surprised deku's arm just doesn't blast off after all the abuse it takes

  28. Doğukan Unutmaz says:

    one for all hyaku-man pasento !

  29. Gabe Ornelas says:

    This was season 3 episode 4 :

  30. Tacoman supreme says:

    This is ep4

  31. Another dude says:

    Did I just cry?

  32. Luctor says:

    For all people that thinks that "1.000.000%" was only a warcry to hype himself: i know, probably the creator exaggerates with numbers, but it isn't only a warcry. A lot of people forget an important thing about Deku's power: its name, One For All. Anyone didn't notice the repetition of that scene when Midoriya and All Might are surpassing their limits, the lights (orbs or something similar) of the precedent owners? It isn't only a scene put there without sense: the 2 main character are linking all precedent One For All's owners in the actual owner (in this case Midoriya finally become the owner and able to use the true power of One For All: The Link. Before All Might still was the owner and able to surpass his limits without very dangerous problem) to surpass their limits= Plus Ultra.

    P.s. about All Might [SPOILER ALERT]: All Might was able to use "Delaware Detroit Smash" (probably the name of the fist with The Link) when Midoriya wasn't able to control One For All yet. But in the final battle, All Might will use not only the last drops of One For All to beat his nemesis that remains in him, but also his Life energy. So he wins the battle, but he loses his power (not the connection with it, only the ability to use it) and some years of his life.

  33. chiken yacine says:

    Wait the title of the prewiew is iron fist….so tetsu tetsu will be the special charachter of the episode ?

  34. Jeana Ruth Aquino says:

    I know it was Delaware Detroit Smash not only Detroit smash

  35. LakeSide Noodle says:

    Click bait

  36. Jack the Ripper says:

    Boi that's episode 4!!!

  37. ShinyPeachCraft says:

    dude Im pretty sure that was ep 4

  38. jay canlas says:

    best fight scenes I'm Also a Big Fan of Boku no Hero Academia Season 3.

  39. FaiqMID GMD says:

    The first part is part of the 4th episode lol. Its izuku vs muscular. So its shouldn't exist on this preview

  40. Kriptic Blood says:

    When dose the next episode come out

  41. 6 HOKAGE.VIBES says:

    My firend:deku is stonger than goku


  42. TCplays90 1 says:

    i live in detroit 😀

  43. Grachie Ren says:

    ITS OVER 9000!!!! Oh wait- ITS OVER 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. xbox fanboy says:

    Damn, kaneki 2.0 with those arms

  45. Clarence Wyatt Montilla says:

    i Like the Music

  46. 柴田遥 says:


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