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Boku No Hero Academia S3 OST – Katsuki and Izuku (You Say run + Bombing King!)

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  1. Luis Pereira says:

    If anyone ever tells Bakugo that he now shares a theme song with Deku the resulting explosion may be catastrophic…

  2. Brice Reed says:

    Almost forgot to listen to this song to day so good

  3. FlyFlip Otaku says:

    You say run v3 might become my favourite ysr version

  4. moenochrome says:

    GOD let me elaborate further on why I think this song is perfect. It shows the progression of Katsuki and Izuku's relationship and it really pulls on my heart strings…

    The beginning of the song is a battle between You Say Run (Deku's theme) and Bombing King! (Katsuki's theme), showing their volatile rivalry in its beginning stages. They're both trying to one-up each other constantly. At 0:40, a guitar solo comes in. It's loud and it's lonely — because that's the way that Katsuki perceives strength and victory to be. It has to be achieved singlehandedly and it has to be achieved brutally. Deku's theme is quiet underneath, completely overpowered and overshadowed, for now.

    At 0:55 Deku's theme comes in full-force, showing Deku catching up while Katsuki struggles to maintain volume. Most notably, at 1:04, the guitar comes in chaotic and jumbled, symbolizing Katsuki's state of mind when realizing that Deku is catching up to him, that Deku's perception "victory" and "heroism" might be the right one and that Katsuki was in the wrong all along. He fights harder, he fights stupidly and brutally. He's forgotten the essence of heroism because all he strove for at that point was to be stronger than Deku. (Hero vs. Villain simulation at Ground Beta.)

    At 1:18, there is no guitar at all. Deku's theme overshadows him completely. He's won — he's caught up and established his self-sacrificing heroism and he's done so by using Katsuki as an inspiration launchpad. The guitar picks back up at 1:30 but quietly — reluctant acceptance and acknowledgement that Deku is strong as the guitar riff reestablishes rhythm. Everything comes together to a beautiful harmony after the drum roll at 1:45. Katsuki's finally found a rhythm that syncs with Deku's.

    I have to stress that I am incredibly soft for the quiet guitar melody in the background of 1:45 — finally, a guitar riff that isn't a harsh fight for dominance, but a compromise with Deku's theme. It's so fucking symbolic and good, dude. And then everything comes together, once again at full strength and in sync at 2:00.

    And we finish the song with the scratch of a guitar because Katsuki is still the strongest in 1-A (for now). What has changed over the course of the song is that he's recognized Deku as a true rival, rather than someone he resents without having expressed why. I'll say it again and again: this song could not have been more perfect. It's wonderful and I love it for the way it represents Katsuki and Izuku's rivalry so well.

  5. Elad BG says:

    1:16 I bet 8% comes in that moment

  6. EdgeLord says:

    oh shit; this is gonna play at THAT™ moment

  7. GRIM JESTER says:

    Hey! Can you add a link for the picture, and the artist, thank you 🙂

  8. Citrus Fart says:

    The boy who grew up honing his quirk to perfection, and the boy who earned the perfect quirk through self sacrifice, who is the better hero?

  9. M L says:

    1:42 That transition though

  10. Mc Fusiak says:

    We're getting closer boys, who's hyped

  11. Daimyo B Hachibi says:


  12. Daimyo B Hachibi says:

    This and the overhaul beat bad asf

  13. Daimyo B Hachibi says:

    Holy shit I’m done

  14. JORDIBOND says:


  15. Flash 314 says:

    catch me crying in the club

  16. Brice Reed says:

    So close to THAT moment

  17. AllMight Qs says:

    I'm sooo hyped for "that" moment. It's almost suffocating because it's only a few episodes away

  18. BenDover says:

    I think bakugo would be a good detective because he figured THAT out

  19. Laviten says:

    what if the fight won't actually happen and they replace it with Deku and Kacchan doing more teamworks ? :^)

    (know what i mean ? cuz it's "and" not "vs")

  20. laiden25 says:

    Is "Mad House" a good name for a hero?

  21. Celerez L.E.S.O says:

    I want to do an MV with this song but , i want to wait untill that part is animated.
    How much longer can it be?

  22. Nobody says:

    Can't wait for animeonlys to finally give up on Deku after THIS happens.

  23. Isa Mendez says:

    I'm already emotional for this fight, just look at the way that their themes fight for dominance and in the end intertwine in harmony…

    Good fight + Angst + Amazing OST = Me screaming af at 2am

  24. Gutsman X5 says:

    I can only imagine the two working together while this plays

  25. WolfyWorks says:

    If I hear this during the fight (which will probably happen) I'm a gonna cry

  26. metalsystem761 says:

    They think they slick. These 2's themes just so happen to work together or is the original and was split!

  27. Zetsuke4 says:

    this is awesome!!!

  28. Zetsuke4 says:

    so epic good.

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