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Bannon Warns of ‘New Axis’ Forming Against the West

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  1. Matt Barber says:

    You're insane if you think bannon & trump are correct

  2. John Sousa says:

    God bless the world peace to all people

  3. Lamar Azmoe says:

    What is banning talking about? The Jews control Russia and the U.S. You people are Zionist slaves.

  4. Michael Zimmermann says:

    Good. I’m in Canada and say it’s about time. You Americunts sucked the Rothchilds and Rockefellers brown eye. You are mostly responsible for propping them up with your military. You enslaved millions with the banksters federal reserve system of fiat. You are a disgusting nation of traitors to mankind.

  5. bob marleey says:

    Turkey was an Ally, but turkey has terrorist organizations that is at their borders that the United States support.

  6. everson says:

    bannon, a zionist cunt

    axis of evil = us, israel , saudi arabia

  7. northstar10 says:

    just for fun google the silk highway

  8. Crypto Chase says:

    Russia was our Friend for a hundred years right up till the end of the second world war. Russia is the only major power on the planet that can team up with us in a end game. Israel I am afraid is going to be wiped out.

  9. Irish34 csprigg says:

    Russian is not the enemy forks stupid government leaders want another war

  10. Irish34 csprigg says:

    The illuminati control America govment and military and the deep State security forces want to overthrow the government here forks wake up stand together Now

  11. Irish34 csprigg says:

    America is become Germany dumpy look around are rights are fake and are guns and jobs are going away fast !

  12. Bozo Clown says:

    Wow. There is so much inbreeding in americunt.

  13. KasirRham says:

    US and Russia should've been working together ages ago.

  14. Chris Ziegler says:

    And we believe him why? He doesn't have the greatest for telling the truth

  15. Every Great says:

    One day the American terrorist regime will fall.

  16. 3rdworldtraveler says:

    fuck you dabooo – oo dab–oooo 222222 77777

  17. Denise Eugene says:

    Bannon is a part of it ! Smh

  18. don peroni says:

    noting to do with islam. your enemy is within .just u cant see it .

  19. F8oK8 says:

    That's hilarious. Bannon is orchestrating the rise of the new Axis!!!!!

  20. Eddie a says:

    What about atheists? Are they chopped livah?

  21. Kim Brighon Sr says:

    Steve Bannon reads the bible wow. Russia, China and Turkey.

  22. bboucharde says:

    Mr. Bannon, Your alcohol consumption has destroyed many brain cells. 70% of Russia is CHRISTIAN, you bloody moron! The Russians have spent $billions to rebuild churches and monasteries across eleven time zones.

  23. jester says:

    ((((deeper state))))

  24. Hakan Sapmaz says:

    US supposed to be ally and not support coup d'etat and not arm so called Kurds who's killing our citizens and soldiers trying to slow Turkiye from growing. What do you think d happen Turks to bow and let Turkiye brake into pieces? And say thank you in return????? What an idiot.

  25. Gordon Woodroffe says:

    The Vatican had Steve bannon fired from its shithole Whitehouse ! Lol

  26. David Davies says:

    you can't go around destroying and kicking people in the ass and think they going to sit around and take that s*** them days is over prepare for invasion from Russia Russia get submarines off the coast of New York and California as we speak prepare for the worst start saving your can goods get all the flashlights lighters matches blankets raincoats and anything else you may think you need is coming it'll be here in 6 months they will wait for the winter because they can fight an extreme cold because they live in extreme cold

  27. David Davies says:

    the Trump is Trump trumpening this s*** is getting biblical if you don't want to go to war arrest Donald Trump and Putin today and put them both on trial for destruction of humanity and never ever let them out of prison

  28. MDJ says:

    U A freakin idiot! Russia just signed a 500 billion dollar oil deal and has joined the brics u dope! Keep thinking Russia is on America side.

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