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Bad News: U.S. Military Sites in Europe Are Dependent on Russia for Electricity

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  1. aj singh says:


  2. nightlightabcd says:

    More spin from Trump, saying other nations are captive of Russia when Trump was elected with lies, spin and fake news from Russia and has defended Putin at every turn, even putting down the US in defense of his BFF and mentor Putin that supplied the Trump election campaign with lies, spin and fake news as the same kind of lies, spin, exaggerations and fake news that was a common tactic of right wing propaganda in support of Trump and the GOP with no sense of truth, or journalistic integrity what so ever!
    The biggest and most immediate threat to the US is within are the GOP and the NRA and the right wing propaganda media and Trump that is a pathological liar every time he opens his mouth, when making a comment, speech or Tweet, no mater how ignorant and stupid it is!

  3. Steve Soltysiak says:

    Angela Merkel is an old East German still loyal to the old Soviet Union. She inacted laws on the power grid under the disguise of “Good for the environment”. This is right outta the communist handbook. Russia would only be an inconvenience to the U.S.’s armed forces. We have enough power generators to light up Europe entirely, already prepositioned.


    More bullshit from the commies. 😂 🇺🇸 🇨🇺 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Ulf Meier-Schulze says:

    Dependency isn't the point, Western European pipeline-net is a close mesh (and military bases shurly have backup).
    But it means, that the energy the USA bases are consuming is paid somehow and indirectly at the end of the chain Russia benefits.^^

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