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Babylon Bee Is Fake News (Christian News Show)

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  1. Sergio Sotelo says:

    Yes! I am completely for a national holiday honoring one of our nation's greatest Christian speaker's

  2. Grr Mania says:

    As a "militant" atheist myself, I personally think Babylon Bee is funny and is very clearly not real news. I love Snopes but surely they realized it was meant to be taken as a joke and humorous satire. But I guess they went "full retard".

  3. Nicholas Ball says:

    I have very mixed feelings about a Billy Graham holiday. On one hand, I am all for giving influential Christians then awards and such they deserve, and I'm sure he has done enough good work to earn this distinction.
    However, there is a very clear opposition to this, and I think with good points. When honoring someone on a national level, you don't want to honor someone that had a clear agenda against a certain group of people; you want to avoid making a hero out of someone who posed a significant threat to another groups safety and wellbeing. And, based on what I've seen, many people acknowledge Graham as such.
    Over the years he has said a lot of stuff that, well, bluntly, was vindictively sexist, and (to a far lesser extent), sometimes homophobic.
    I'm not saying Graham is either of these things, BUT some of his rhetoric is the same rhetoric used to tear down an entire sex of people across the world, and I don't know if America wants to immortalize this kind of speech against women.

    Please note that I am a Christian and a homosexual, so I know that I am very biased towards this issue in very conflicting ways, but I understand why some people object to this otherwise clear distinction that Graham otherwise deserves.

  4. Joe W says:

    It may be sad, but I had a pastor who said that to bring in the fish, you’ve got to put out the good bait. So I don’t condemn that church for their give away. I’d rather people be at the church receiving the Word. With more people comes more opportunities to then give to the poor and needy.

  5. Dallas Mora says:

    When you said Creflo Dollar can't get his jet I fell out lol

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