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Babylon Bee Editor Unleashes Epic Troll

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  1. TheButton22 says:

    I usually just walkout of churches if the worship team doesn’t have a solid drummer

  2. jvkpro says:


  3. aTROLLwithBlades says:


  4. MrAndMrs Alexander says:

    I’m not sure why soooo many people in this comment section are laughing and calling this satire? You people clearly aren’t a perfect christian like myself!

  5. JaguaR Prince says:

    It would be amazing if this entire world got peeled

  6. Mark Van Laren says:

    LOL made my day.

  7. Joe Congdon says:

    They don't break character. Amazing

  8. Sun bro says:

    "Jedi powers" — haha!

  9. David Sopwith says:

    This was just beautiful.  A head-to-head deadpan satire battle, both gladiators unyielding, unsmirking and each absolutely determined to win.  Hilarious. 😀

  10. L.A.R.P. says:

    A grappling hook🤣

  11. kahwigulum says:

    thee and thou. zee and zir. i audibly lol'd.

  12. kahwigulum says:

    Finally, a christian church that's all about me!

  13. Michael Hall says:

    I honestly don’t know how they got through the whole thing without cracking up. I would have lost it right of the bat. Lol

  14. South Efrikan says:

    This is a joke, right? 🤣😆😇

  15. B.B. Wiggs says:


  16. AslanRising 1776 says:

    I had to turn this off because Kyle's house is painted the wrong color.

  17. AslanRising 1776 says:

    Hey wait, you attacked two of my sacred cows, the Reformers and AR-15's.

  18. Its Obvious says:

    Totally pwned me until I got the vid title

  19. Mercury Red says:

    Wow, I need a towel now to dry off after this shower of sarcasm! XD

  20. Esty Cooks says:


  21. Associated Jess says:

    Holy crap this was hysterical 😂🤣

  22. Kimberly Mangus says:

  23. Sandi216 says:

    That was hilarious!

  24. werrec01 says:

    Gay manga(comic) advertisement before the video started…they're on to you Andrew!

  25. robert h says:

    nicely done.

  26. JohnnyElectro says:


  27. sunsplash919 says:

    So fake, jeez people.

  28. Bling Ting says:

    Ah! Andrew could hardly hold it – he's almost bursting out laughing.

  29. Amber McMillan says:

    “I’m going to keep that in prayer” is actually the most common response I get when asking people to serve in the children’s ministry. Babylon Bee is a great blog and this is the funniest video ever!

  30. Bling Ting says:

    Andrew Klavan: Can you give me a couple of those essential truths what the gospel is basically telling us?
    Kyle Mann: Well, first of all, we give a kind of systematic theology. We explain the eternal truths of the gospel, who God is, who Jesus is, and the Holy Spirit, you know, how he kinds of gives you Jedi powers – all of that stuff that's kind of essential to the faith. And then we go into kind of the spirit of Christian doctrine which is: you are amazing. So, I think we get 6 or 7 in there of the core tenets, but they can all be pretty much summed up in the fact that you are amazing, you are special; and anything else anybody say about you, even if the Bible says it, it's just more negativity in your lives, so you need to cut that out.

  31. Tom says:

    Hilarious!! Partly because this is how most people think…which is also pretty horrifying.

  32. R0YALT1 says:

    I wonder what my father, Matt Walsh, thinks of this…

  33. dmvargha says:


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