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Arabs at Hebrew University call for an Intifada

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  1. John Smith_Treeler says:

    May God bring them to Jesus.

  2. David Marks says:

    Muslims are permitted to say whatever they like in public in Israel, but it somehow hasn’t yet occurred to them that no such freedom to criticize government would be available to them in an Islamic country.

    Truth, to Muslims, is flexible, subject to adjustment to accommodate their needs at any given moment.

  3. John Doe says:

    until World exterminate last muslim, terror attack will flow around the globe !The existence of Muslims is the reason
    for their extermination!What can the Muslims show with the trillions of oil money? They can show only lies, misery,
    civil war, terror and brutality. Muslims are the scourge of the earth

  4. Spürdo-Benis Brigade says:

    How grateful

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