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#AnimeNews – Super Sonico is a youtuber? New Strike Witches? – Sub, Dub & More: Episode 80 #Anime

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  1. Silver mix says:

    Dragon Ball good
    Dragon Ball Z ok
    Dragon Ball super I don't care
    and the new movies and episodes just stop right they are getting from good to totally 😣

  2. Bernard McBrearty says:

    I wish more of the anime games came to xbox as well.
    That goth bunny looking figure from Overlord(?) looks cool 🙂

    Be neat if the life sized figures got a world tour so more people could look and enjoy them

  3. Silver mix says:

    😭 finally 3rd season I was waiting or I should say 4 little confused

  4. Lxavier says:

    Idolish 7… good for the fans, congrats!!!
    Broly is canon, finally!!! DB Fans still not believing it!

    Made in Abyss will have an english dub. Anyway, japanese version is better, but I'm going to buy the BD collection because I love this anime!.

    "A Certain Magician Index III" in october!!!

    In gaming news: Fortnite released the season 5 and everyone is playing it for fun; Riot Games is having problems with metagame of League Of Legends; and Bibi will never play [email protected] Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage.

    Sonico, a Youtuber? wow, that is a surprise!

    Ruby! <3 She is so cute!

    Nice news video Bibi. Thanks

  5. Silver mix says:

    Biggest enemy of otaku and people who don't watch anime and money

  6. LittleCr0wxx Gaming says:

    More strike witches

  7. fangirl de Love Live says:

    i LOVE Love Live

  8. juozas kasiulis says:

    great news:)

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