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Anime News- Finally! Good Anime is Coming!

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  1. Kimberly Campbell says:

    Where was Black Clover(manga is getting(already has)an anime) and The Seven Deadly Sins(season 2 being announced for January 2018 at?!?!

  2. Lazy Kun says:

    sup moma

  3. Nowagotta says:

    yes i noticed i messed up the text again XD lmao sorry folks!

  4. ZeroKami86 says:

    I gave FLCL 6 episodes to git gud… disappointed…

  5. The Anime Dude says:

    Should I read The Ancient Magus Bride or watch it? I'm an impatient man.

  6. The Anime Dude says:

    Hunter X Hunter Hiatus isn't news anymore. It's only news when it's actually not on Hiatus. Haha.

  7. tails doll exe chaos kid says:

    Are you excited for the live-action movie of Naruto

  8. Uknownuser27 Unknownuser27 says:

    I love your channel !I don't know why you don't have more subscribers. Anyway I loved this video!

  9. ArcCastGaming says:

    Boo Tang to the woo wang butt truckers are a mutt bucker cheese bricks are later then stink pits i know this sounds like booty tootie but thxs for the news and dont do anything but weebo kids i mean weed 😉

  10. animeguyreviews says:

    i thought women only had 2 'articles'

  11. Anna Molly says:

    I legit haven't watched a full anime now since like a year ago now, I feel like they're getting exponentially boring ._. Hope I get back into it again D:

  12. david Gibbs says:

    godzilla monster planet is a movie trilogy

  13. phoenixomega says:

    lol channeling your inner dave chappelle at the end

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