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Am I Under Investigation by the FBI?

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  1. Jack DeLise says:

    Smh destiny of course the fbi has the ability to go back in time, how do you think they deleted Hillary's emails

  2. the500mphtortoise says:

    I'm a fan of all the skeptic people destiny hates but man am I dissapointed by this! No idea why so many of them are so dishonest about the ethical cp thing and don't speak out about this crap.

  3. dockdrumming says:

    Oh my God, Youtube drama has reached absurd levels.

  4. betagamma18 says:

    >short outro
    Gary doesn't love us anymore.

  5. Levirre says:


  6. SDREHXC says:

    If they actually thought he had child porn they wouldn't have fucking tipped him off beforehand lmao. Anyone who thinks he's genuinely under investigation is actually retarded.

  7. Max Mustermaeenn says:

    Well you better watch out Destiny yesterday I was just watching some anime and got visited by the FBI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icVMw1y8WMc Stay safe.

  8. hippie ttv says:


  9. Haiku Kubb says:

    From google, the value of an anonymous tip…
    – The gravity of the offense being reported. Don't expect a SWAT call out when you report that the boyfriend who jilted you is driving without a valid license
    – The size of the agency. The larger it is, the more layers of bureaucracy the information has to penetrate to do any good.
    – The specificity of the information. "The green house on Elm St. is filled with dope dealers" is not as attractive as "The house at 123 Elm St. is where Donny Doper lives. Donny sold me a gram of meth there last week."
    -The apparent credibility of the informant. Do they sound knowledgeable? Are they seeking retribution on someone? Do they have the ability to see/know what they are reporting, or are they speculating?
    – What kind of leads investigators already have on the case. When they're out of leads and still haven't solved the case, anonymous tips look pretty attractive.

    The bureau will do their due diligence, find absolutely nothing, and disregard future tips they receive about you (of that that crime, anyway). Literally nothing will even come of it. Unless you actually do have cp, in which case glhf m9

  10. Romano Coombs says:

    Have you reached out to Jim Sterling , a game's journalist who has been battling the same group rather successfully?!
    He used to be blacklisted by Youtube and managed to fight back and THRIVE!

    He might be very interested in an expose on this online behaviour/demographic after his defense of Anita Sarkeesian's/Female Programmers' content vs The Neo-Nazi element…

    Or hbomberguy
    Or even ContraPoints, but this time 1 v 1.

    You are now literally a target of "Psychological Operations"; military-grade terrorism…It's time to align with The Left. Historically, Centrism/appeasement is not a valid approach to Fascism anyway.

    -The Internet Police

  11. 3G Bloke says:

    bro, your not that important


  12. Dave Rubin's Disappointed Dad says:

    Big win for the market place of ideas.

  13. Llama says:

    feed nathan u fag

  14. StrangerQuark says:

    2:17 His face when he hears tonka's theory, fucking lost my shit

  15. LabTech says:

    It's hilarious that Destiny thinks he's worth investigation by the FBI.  One look at his spindly arms and they know he couldn't carry a bomb or hurt anyone larger than an infant.

    I really think these debates are inflating his already inflated ego.

  16. Doldol D says:

    Love the Stein's Gate reference

  17. ArisCarroll says:

    this whole fbi deal is clearly the work of…. dare i even say it…… el psy kangoroo

  18. Thelondonbadger says:

    FBI: we have tips from the internet that have informed us that you have extensive recordings of violent aggressive bullying of children online, telling them to commit suicide and mental torture of an autistic 13 yr old loli from korea.
    Destiny: Aww shiiit.
    FBI sees that its from league of legends
    Yup, thats definitely proportional, who the fuck gets invaded by maokai as rengar. Worthless jungler piece of shit.

  19. 13Wayz says:

    FBI lost this debate for sure

  20. Patricia Holmes says:

    The FBI isnt dumb, and they dont like their time being wasted. This is going to majorly backfire for the people trying to swat and harass destiny. I will laugh my ass of if tonka trucks winds up getting a visit from the FBI for making false reports.

  21. mcmack mackdaddy says:

    Are you Jewish?

  22. 777 777 says:

    Does anyone remember when Lincoln McKinley Ph.D. (Purdue University) took Nick Hammer's documentation to get a State of Indiana identification in Hammer's name? McKinley has also seen aliens walking around the room while using LSD by his own admission.

  23. Trouble Came Calling says:

    Free speech for the Right always means: being able to lie without constraint and to constrain truth tellers.

  24. EffetDaCrookedBack says:

    Free Senpai

  25. cathwood says:

    did the interview already happen?

  26. Monifix says:

    If you get a visit from the FBI you are under investigation.

  27. Emmanuel Hrist says:

    I bet the people wasting time and resources with these baseless tips also condemn the FBI for not following up on the parkland tip

  28. Chuck Norris says:


  29. William Caussy says:

    heyyyyyyyy its garyukov ヽ(•‿•)ノ

  30. Fyterian TV says:

    What is your facebook???

  31. Xabraxas says:

    I am a digital forensic investigator. They would absolutely NOT want you to delete evidence. Like you said you could just destroy the drives or wipe them and their evidence would be gone. If they had any evidence that you had illegal contraband on your computer they would get a warrant ASAP. People have this fantasy that forensic experts can recover anything.

  32. Dominick Ferrara says:

    Spam reporting destroyed Destiny in this marketplace of ideas

  33. Chris Hansen says:


  34. Octarine says:

    TL;DR: no.

  35. etruscanfalafel says:

    Is anyone surprised that Destiny is a kiddie porn loving degenerate?

  36. Breelik says:

    I mean he apparently has a kid. How do we even know if its his kid. I mean all im trying to say here is pics or didnt happen.

  37. Juan C says:


  38. TheeBambam says:

    why would you be under investigation you irrelevant virgin retard, you play video games for a living you fucking loser.

  39. AngryReacts OnlyPlease says:

    You literally cant permanently delete info. Thats how they catch peoole all the time.YOU said they contacted you over cp. YOU said it.

  40. Müller Andy says:

    @2:19 Wow, Destiny the SNITCH.

  41. Pladimir Vutin says:

    You should read your KiwiFarms thread Destiny

  42. TheDank Knight1399 says:

    How is this cuck still popular? Time to drop the nukes our species is fucked.

  43. Adam 86 says:

    Destiny is a hearthstone god.

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