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Alert – U.S. Vows Full Military Power To Defense South Korea, Affirmed SEC. Mattis

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  1. Jesse Lopez says:

    President TRUMP and Mad Dog Mattis are not to be Messed with.The U.S Military is the Best Fighting Force in the World.Bar none.

  2. Joe Blogs says:

    The American government have big problem.They Are trying to start a war with everyone.

  3. Simon SimonS says:

    All this is just talk. Invasion can not be successful without ground troops. And N.Korea will fight and fight hard. Soldier with a knife defending his right to live the way he wants, is worth 10 fully armed invaders. N.Korea will probably loose, but the cost to Americans will be very hight. And no US politicians will order that, can't have a career in politics on bodies of US soldiers.
    That's what angers US now, there is no one left to attack without consequences. Anyone who is a "treat" to America are very well armed now days. Not to mention with deep hate for America.

  4. Stanley Marzec says:

    Full military power to defense SK against what? whom?


    And this is exactly why we're voted for president Donald Trump in the first place! Oh hell yeah, but we're did not voted for president Donald Trump for those illegal immigrants evils lazy nation's just wasting our time and so far oh please we've no time oh please just build our military and forget about those illegal immigrants criminals nations

  6. Richard Henry says:

    Do US will do what it takes to defend South Korea even if the South Koreans don’t want it even if the South Koreans want them to go home they will not go home they’re going to defend it as if it is their land they stole the land from the South Koreans be installed a government in South Korea any use the military to maintain the government in South Korea and refuse to give the people sovereignty and freedom and a right to choose their direction or the US will use its military the US is a dictatorship in South Korea that installed the government to make it look like the people are free and they’re not free and they don’t like it and they want Americans to go home

  7. Angel Bernal says:


  8. Dregio Ramos says:

    USA needs war or the threat of it to justify its hyper-inflated defence spending budget. Follow the money trail. Whenever there is conflict, manufacturers of military arms benefit greatly.
    If there is no war, or the perceived threat of it US economy would collapse.

  9. NACHOS RULE says:


  10. Harry Nguyen says:

    North Korea is the fortress of the China, and Russia. So whatever Kim said ,those words have been set up by his China . Communism is dictatorship.

  11. Noah Litterell says:

    Kimmmm Don't do itt buddy you are messing with firee that nuke will get shot right out of the sky and then you're country will be in flames or deep shit do not be stupid.

  12. doublepop99 says:

    Blah blah blah…Go pick on the little countries…NK called bluff and US folded

  13. Marc V says:

    Kinda stupid because they both had a script……..

  14. William Comer says:

    50 years of illegal occupation. We has seen our enemy, and our enemy is us–and you Mr. Mettis.

  15. binkyslapass1 says:

    trumps an orange monkey dictator …no better then china or north korea…and his people are brainwashed slaves….

  16. John Do says:

    I am an American… I like Doritos and Mountain Dew. USA! USA! USA! USA!

  17. Wayne Haile says:

    So what's going on, is US been played?

  18. binkyslapass1 says:

    mattis reminds me of daffy duck….

  19. un park says:

    Kim is acting as an agent for China. It's a war between China and the US. Complete and irrevocable denuclearization will mean a cutting of a limb, big or small, of the global greed of Communist China! I really wish it'll succeed crystal clear!

  20. Jason Querubin says:

    I guess kim wants war

  21. mark b says:

    the new communist party is the democrats….obama…scary pelosi,…mad maxine waters…crooked hillary…cryin chuck shimmer…..whoopi and joy haters…etc etc etc

  22. mark b says:

    watch isaiah 17 unfold right before your very eyes…..damascus will be a ruinous heap::::(.israel to nuke iranians infiltrated in city of damascus)..time will prove this true…just like rev. 12.. happened .last year!….then israel will become a cup of trembling…read kjv bible for all the answers and how this all ends…god bless!

  23. frank sellak says:

    Youtupe [email protected]
    In-order for people to take you seriously you need to get the title right, "Defense South Korea," you mean, "Defend South Korea,"

  24. RAVEN says:

    Mighty funny how all the rich countries call on the U.S.A. to help save their rotten asses.

  25. Tileman75 says:

    AMERICA is greater then the country they serve, ask this guy about the Mandalay bay shootings i told him about in advance.

  26. SEAN PAN says:

    Trump is never serious about anything.

  27. Nikolin Pellumbi says:

    Te kapesh me korene e Veriute eshte , nje dhoje, si ai budadhai i cili mbasi ule pantadhonat e dh…et ,ngrihet e fshin bythen me kaktus ne vend te toilets papers.

  28. Вячеслав Храмов says:

    Potential view prediction farm sudden down silent government extensive running.

  29. SunnySinclair1979 says:

    I hope we honor our commitments to Taiwan, as well as South Korea, as China seams to be putting on some real pressure in monopolizing Asia!!

  30. Jack Keller says:

    I pray for war!

  31. un park says:

    N-Korea, Kimjungun, once surrendered in Singapore, is in the firm grip of Trump; there's nothing to worry about seriously.

  32. Sam51 says:

    When the twin tower came down , I did not see any nation giving us a hand but here we are giving our men and women in the military and our resources to protect foreign nations.

  33. Berani 6524 says:

    Happy Independence Day!!! more power!!! 💪👍👍👍

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