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ALERT: Trump’s Massive Warning Has North Korea Shaking, This Is Urgent

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  1. Joop Wolters says:

    A nut without a working brain doesn't understand the Trump-advise and will go ahead until China and Russia are willing to cut him off from the most critical needs for  the NK-people, like food and clear water. He was already asking for this these days, so strangle him now.

  2. Barry Bretz says:

    Thank you Pres Trump for offering a chance to the people of N Korea.The speech that was felt in history. The offer sincere. Our founding fathers made the choice to fight tyranny and you have restated what freedom,truth and responsibility require. 18 million possible starve to death for making nukes. God has given Kim freedom of choice.Let us pray for him and his people as well as all the other countries involved including us.

  3. cagun7 says:

    Kim has the power that Obama and Hillery dreaming of .
    Trump has at least given NK a chance to overturn Kim and
    his regime and become civilized.

  4. Grace Bertrand says:

    Is Trump's Russia problem THAT bad that he has to star WWlll and destroy the world? Gawd! Get rid of this monster!

  5. Jerry Turnage says:

    Trump is doing a great job protecting the free world

  6. Rd Smith says:

    I'm getting so tired of people bashing Trump that man has done more than Obama ever imagine doing he's not starting World War 3 this little son of a bitch don't realize what America is made of

  7. Brad Harris says:

    Enough talk more bombs

  8. Mark Rector says:

    the little fat man dosen't know what pace is little fat fucker….

  9. john peterson says:

    ever seen a nuclear bomb explode ? neither have I but I bet it would make for an awsome fireworks show. it is almost new years eve. ….Happy new year.

  10. Mr. KIM REASBECK Ottawa Ontario says:


  11. J Gillespie says:

    Kim turd un best pull your head out of your ass.

  12. Terry Myre says:

    Trump will start a war he's not a peaceful ass clown.

  13. B Waitman says:

    Hopefully NK will take a path towards peace, war with NK would be a very bad deal for all concerned. I see comments suggesting the US would just roll over NK much as a driver going over a speed bump. Clearly they're not much on history, to them I'd suggest reading up on their history and the interactions we've had with them. The resolution lies in the hands of China as it always has. All this theater is exactly that…

  14. leroy umland says:

    We all get tire of what Obama said and did, the main is for people wake up and not do it all over!!!! even it mass of people come togather on Congress from steps

  15. Ejb954 says:

    Trump has no intention of letting kim off the hook he is just giving the world a sugar coated pill

  16. Daniel Miller says:

    That's bullshit human rights well check out the US we are being bombarded with Chemtrails daily basis we have lost freedom of speech and we're losing our laws everyday and we the people are suffering because of government in decisions just like where did all the people in Texas and in Florida that went to FEMA for help and no one knows where they're at now it's called population control so yeah we the people are truly screwed

  17. Star_1_Man says:

    NK is a prison. people are starving to death and laying in the street. The solders have to pay for their 21 bullets they put in their gun. We need to help these people they eat grass and soil. WTF

  18. david jones says:

    You are so surrounded Kim, your in such deep shit it's unreal! You don't even have a chance you stupid shithead! You are going to wait around to long and the United States is going to destroy you and put your miserable country out of misery! Do you think the USA likes playing this childish blackmail tyrant game with you! You are very much mistaken you stupid idiot fool!

  19. George Blisson says:

    Just hit the cunt already. like what the fuck are you waiting for!

  20. George Blisson says:

    Kims body must be dragged through the streets and his head stuffed and stuck up on the whitehouse wall as a trophy.

  21. Richard Kincaid says:

    Teacher telling kids in the future, " well, that used to be North Korea now it's a glass bowl.

  22. Rebecca Wind says:

    Rocket man will never get a humaneterian award.

  23. Bert says:

    Very impressed with this speech. It was mature and robust. The Donald is growing into a world statesman.
    Greetings from Scotland.

  24. tony manzi says:

    R D Smith! very well said!!! u r exactly right!!! Thank God it's Trump and not Obama or Clinton God Forbid!!

  25. Alison knipp says:


  26. Phillip Matthews says:

    you all built rockets , missiles , bullets , use them all now , in 1 day .

  27. prem sawlani says:

    Why should anyone believe USA. North Korea is doing right think not to surrender to USA. NK is not Iraq.

  28. Christian Puchert says:

    @Breaking News Global 24/7: Please stop with that annoying computervoice. If you cant read yourself, hire someone to do that job for you. but this voice program ist 1: annoying, & 2: lazy (which does not send a good vibe for a wannabe-newschannel)

  29. michael lennon says:

    It's too bad North Korea turned out to be a bunch of pussies I was really hoping for a war with them just to break up the monotony here something different for a change watch someone else's misery

  30. fawn999 says:

    I think Trump is rite on..everyone knows that Kim Jon un is making his people. live under his brutal actions..which is horrible.. I think Trump addressed that totally..but then again….did Kim Jon un listen t any of this???? it just make him more aggressive ……Trump did a great job.!!!! he's a awesome president…..good work. Mr President… t u an yr family!!!!!!!!

  31. Jubber Ronnie says:

    Much respect for Mr.Trump . From England

  32. Emmanuel Conner1997 says:

    I wish north korea can kill all white people in ww3. black lives matter?

  33. Jurgen Pagel says:


  34. Jurgen Pagel says:

    There is NO SHAKING from KIM , period !!!! Get it in to your Heads , Japan doesnt take a Chance to get """ NUKED AGAIN """ . 2 HYDRO's and Tokyo is done for the next 30 y , the same for SK . Who is left , the US GOV and its FAILING LEECHING PARASITING LOOOOOSER US MILITARY . If those Dumb Asses cant take care of the Taliban after 16 y and have spend more then $ 2 TRILLION on it I cant wait what KIM is doing to the 68.000 US in Japan / 29.000 in SK / 5.000 in Guam and not mentioning IF COUPLE BIG ONES should be flying to San Francisco and the rest of California , no more Tech Industry for Decades to come . Those good ole US Military Boys have to be right EVERY TIME to shot them down , KIM ONLY has to be right only ONCE !!!!! Think about it you X BOX / NINTENDO ARM CHAIR WARRIORS !!!!! I hope Trump brings back the DRAFT , we need those young Kids right on the Front Line at the DMZ to get a real good whifffff when it starts .

  35. Strong Aingel says:

    Soon as I heard the Guardian mentioned, though, oh no, another muh ..

  36. luke blah says:

    N.korea ain't shaking, the greatest threat to the world is the hidden government think about this people..

  37. Vegan Tech says:

    Video sucks lose the robot voice

  38. Vittal Koppal says:

    No one is afread of WW-3 more than the Political leaders of the NUCLEARELY POWERFUL nations.. they are helplessly peeing & shitting in their own pants.. lol Hahaha ?

  39. Henry Maravilla says:


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