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  1. TheRange says:

    Japan was bombed but it was NOT nuclear! Do you all honestly think people could live there now? NOOOOO!!

  2. Panda Nuke says:

    If North Korea bombs Japan, that will be the end of of Kim's little regime forever.

  3. Auto king says:

    Drop tons of food on North Korea you won't have to invade

  4. Revell Blackwell says:

    The Rapture is coming! Give your life to Jesus Christ!

  5. Taylor Trip Ray says:

    North Korea, like Syria & Iran are all countries where the New World Order Global Bank is not set up yet! All other countries in the world have already succumb to this form of banking system, so these countries stand directly in the way of the New One World Global Monetary system that the elites, those powers that be, who rule the world, the powers behind the heads of governments, cannot establish their One World Monetary system, until these three countries succumb to their One World Global Currency banking system same as the rest of the world.

    So the media, which is run by these powers that be, they will make it look like these 3 countries are doing something to deserve to be bombed, and to be taken over and it's leaders all killed, just like the shock and awe campaigns in both Iraq and Afghanistan. (The wars between Syria/North Korea and Iran against America and her allies, has already been planned for many many years, and the powers that be will try to make it happen exactly as they have planned, and now it looks like it's even going to be happening sooner than later, as we watch the media blow everything out of proportion to give the world a reason of why America and it's allies bombed the fuck out of North Korea and took over that country.)

    The thing that these powers that be don't understand, is that Russia and China have a plan of their own, and that their plan is to pretend to be America's ally in these coming wars, up until they both team up with every islamic muslim nation, and then betray America and attack America with EMP's and with Nukes, Nukes shot out from Nuclear Submarines that both countries have been hiding out in the bottoms of our East and West Coast Oceans, underneath the Hurricanes and the Cyclones for quite some time now, and then they will attack America when America's guard is down, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Why and when will America's guard be down? America's guard will be down because America will be dealing with more Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires and possibly other natural disasters that are now getting through, now that God has removed His hands of Protection over America, and so America will never see it coming, especially when it comes in the guise of assistance and aid from our allies.

    Whole cities will be destroyed on both sides of this coming war, and millions of Americans along with our enemies. will all die at once, including both True Believers as well as non-believers. True Believers get to go to Heaven though so it is not as big of a deal for them, it's actually better than living through all of the pain and suffering that will be going on in America during these times, not as much so for non-believers who die though, as they will have to go straight into the lake of fire, which is also known as hell, for all their denial and disbelief in God.

    The reason that this is all happening now is because God has removed His hands of protection off of America for her foolishness, and for her ignorance, and because a majority of Americans no longer believe in the One True God, (who by the way is none other than Jesus Christ), so America is no longer worthy of God's grace, and mercy and protection, especially because she denies His existence, and since God's Blessings are only for True Believers, all non-believers shall receive God's judgment and wrath instead.

    Believe & Pray & Repent! That's all one has to do to become a True Believer, and then share this message of Truth (Jesus),
    with everyone. Good Luck!

  6. explorer says:

    Drop Nuclear Spicy Korean Noodles in North Korea instead.. That will get them distracted but happy.

  7. Johnnie says:

    Bullshit go ahead and arm the salent eyes and in due time they will get evan with the USA i know what the outh they sware too. You are all fools, Time is on there side. Its time to rid all nuke bombs off the face of earth. You all gone insane.

  8. Johnnie says:

    Who is this queer bobble head a LUCIFERIAN bankster. You sick bastard the day that you get thousands of Americans Nuked and killed over at N K you evil war mongers. OUR SOLDIERS ARE SETTING DUCKS IN A POND THERE, HOSTAGES. YOU HAVE ALL GONE MAD. Get the hell out of there country.

  9. Lino D says:

    News is the story the public is told to keep the truth from being exposed.

  10. Kuno Buje Østergaard says:

    Just fucking nuke the stupid regime already!!!!!

  11. 他媽的你中文 says:


  12. Paulo Eduardo says:

    I wonder when will Japan say: "Enough is enough", what else are they waiting for? How many more provocations do they need to take action?

  13. Yahshua Ben Yahudah says:

    U want be able to destroy these bombs for long my friend

  14. Greg Malie says:

    Pour cold water on hot water….do something else then return with "fire and fury"….there is an option but it would mean swallowing your pride and superiority and save the human race from the brink of nuclear war!

  15. Gaby sanchez says:

    Well hello world wold 3 I'm ready

  16. Tin Anatol says:

    us was the first the boom Japan with nuclear

  17. Evenis Walter Fox says:

    Israel would have already eliminated that fat ass Kim, don't ask me how – they would have cleverly done it. I'm surprised US have run out of options.

  18. what's Amatter with you says:

    I think as A United States citizen it is racist to celebrate victory over Japan but now we're going after North Korea and we want to invade everything it needs to be ours quote quote Revenue

  19. alexis riddock says:

    China is telling America not to do anything as they want North Korea to have nuclear weapons so why are we waiting on if I was trump I would do this ????????????????????????????????

  20. Lolly Pedregosa says:

    Nobody in his right mind wanted war to erupt in the Korean Peninsula especially when it is Nuclear because the devastation will be enormous and not only limited in the Korean Peninsula, the nuclear fallout will be uncontrollable, so the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction will function very well for parties involved (Japan, South Korea, China, North Korea and the neighboring countries becaue they will subject to Nuclear Fallout. Japan & South Korea are not willing to surrender without fighting a war but with Nuclear Warheads pointing at you, without an equal counter measure they will be sitting ducks.

  21. little Tom says:

    This happen is must solve south korea

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