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ALERT – China And North Korea Meet For The First Time As U.S. Prepare For Talk

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  1. Sunny Fournier says:

    Good news. Now if South Korea can reunite with the North and kick US out That would be fantastic news.

  2. Sihar Tobing says:

    Its right doing beetwin Chaina and N'Korea .. Bravo.

  3. Lee l says:

    Dislike and gay as fuck

  4. 伊呀 says:


  5. EteU AliYah Spencer says:

    This saves face for North Korea and China. America is clamping down. Showing China and Russia it will not be thwarted.
    U. S. trade tariffs on China. U. S. and NATO standing up to Russia.
    Donald Trump is the new sheriff in town.
    America will be great again!

  6. Rogue Male says:

    It's not a friggin alert!
    It's part of the historic peace initiatives by the two Korea's.
    Reunification of the Korean peninsula and meddling foriegn powers out!

  7. Miss mufasra khalid says:


  8. Nikki Kelley says:

    Hmmmm idk

  9. Mike 72 says:


  10. ISLAM LOVERS says:

    It,s very good for the sake of world,s peace and also for the people of North Korea…….

  11. American First says:

    We just witnessed history in the making.Awesome vid👍

  12. mtapody says:

    USA does not prepare this meeting! It is non of USA business! USA media is a liar.

  13. mary jugado says:

    Tactics of china,hes afraid to meet trump and kim

  14. Ngawang Tseten says:

    Good move, and i hope its all for peace and harmony!

  15. Roger Howard says:

    The North Korean leader looked like a thousand pound weight was taken off his back — he looked exhausted from the excess worry he was under caused by the free world against him; caused and orchestrated, And lead by President Trump.

  16. Roger Howard says:


  17. angel thor says:

    Wow!!! You guys really are going to fall for it. I tell you, every one is wrong about mr Kim. He’s not going to give up. He’s doing this to buy time and invest for his nuke. He’s already achieved what he need to wipe us out. He just need more money and more time to make more nuke. When he’s ready we’re finished. I already saw it in my vision last year. Believe it or not just watch and see. I tell you, buy insurance from Jesus for your soul.

  18. Prakash Man Shrestha says:

    Now not only NK but SK Japan should be deunuclearized. Good trend for humanity.

  19. shiek rabbani says:

    USA was called the greatest country on this earth but now its fucked so badly that people are begging for food,shelter.transport,medical and money? ITS worst then the african shithole country and young and old all are begging for food and water ,no homes living on the road and in the jungles or any abandon land or properties?

  20. Rajeev Kamalasanan says:

    Two crooks!

  21. Steven Stewart says:

    Go China go 👍🏻💯🇬🇧🇬🇧

  22. Mark C says:

    Slippery Cunning cheating Fuckers .

  23. Ned Kelly says:

    Total bullshit. Do not trust any off them. Die China commo bastards

  24. funnyman1972 says:

    Nobody cares.
    They are all talk!!!!

  25. Kay Love says:

    Definitely gotta watch this video lm not getting my notifications 🙄

  26. Bilal Shoukat says:

    Kim jong un is like a fatty pinguin.

  27. Kay Love says:

    I don't know what to think

  28. Kay Love says:

    Perhaps uniting against America .

  29. Kay Love says:

    So Kim sneakily goes to China to meet Xi they just want United States off the Korean pennisla all of sudden before meeting with Trump really ! Asians stick together and l still hear war 🥁 drums.

  30. Ben Casarez says:

    I see the comments…are nervous…not SO much false bravado…but yall see it

  31. Rob Ellis says:

    Fat bastard

  32. michael f says:

    Usa wouldn't be a rank 1 superpower if it wasn't for the ACTUAL world wars EUROPE and ASIA started. Without USA who knows where the world would be with stallins or Hitler's kids in complete power. You made your beds, lay in them

  33. Tang Xiong says:

    Well somethings big going down soon this meeting is danger just don't no wen….. I need to take a train!

  34. Sp 19 says:

    You tube mania you are actually “CHINESE OWED CHANEL” …….pretending to be American.

  35. FChin Chin says:

    What are the wife doing there ?? this two will suck each other right ??!!. When you are done can you come and suck my dogs please. Thank you my dog name is xi juning un

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